Mythic+ Dungeon Guide - Maw of Souls

published on 2016-10-15
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Mythic+ Dungeon Maw of Souls
Mythic+ Dungeon Maw of Souls

Last week I told you why you should buy carries from us (click here to read the article). This week I’m giving a short preview and guide on how to do one of the several new dungeons. In the upcoming weeks I will probably do other dungeons, but this week we will focus on Maw of Souls. If you’d like to see a different dungeons in the future please comment below!

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Maw of Souls is located in Stormheim. You’re basically traveling to Helheim to confront Helya. You fight some undead dudes waiting for a boat, then get on a boat and fight some more undead dudes, until you finally reach Helya and her tentacles. There’s a few ways to start off this dungeon. I always recommend starting mounted. My favorite way to do the first pull is by pulling everything to the first boss, lusting, and using all your cooldowns. This is great for low level keys and even for some higher end keys if your group is really geared and experience. I suggest taking it a little slower by pulling up to the dude on the bridge(and the birds if it’s not bolstering week). Then pull each group up top separately. This trash is pretty straight forward, interrupt fireblasts and avoid the front cleave damage some of the mobs do. After this trash is dead you will reach the first boss of the instance. Ymiron, The Fallen King.

Easy boss, there’s only a few mechanics to deal with. Screams of the Dead is a circle he casts around himself that will fear anyone who doesn’t move out. Winds of Northrend knocks everyone back. Arise, Fallen summons a bunch of low HP mobs(which just need to be picked up and cleaved) And Tanks just need to use AM for Dark Slash(he casts on full mana every time) There’s also shadow circles that spin around him that you just avoid otherwise they deal moderate shadow damage. Just DPS this guy, avoid the mechanics and go click his horn when he dies.

Once you click the horn you’ll spawn downstairs. Click on the cage and it’ll release you. I like pullling the two dudes at the door and the two dudes left side of the hallway. Interrupt Soul Siphon here. This mobs cleave and disappear and generally are a little annoying, but not to rough. The next pull will be a pack of dogs and the patting lantern man. Make sure you spread out for the lantern guy(He makes you pulse damage to everyone around you) After this pull will be a giant and a pack of patting dogs. Face the giant away and move him for the pools he’ll spawn so your melee dps can still dps. After this you’ll go up a set of stairs and there will be two champions to fight. Make sure you have interrupts assign to the fear. Continue upstairs and you’ll fight the second boss.

Mythic+ Dungeon Maw of Souls
Mythic+ Dungeon Maw of Souls


Try to stack up for this boss so adds don’t spawn to far away. Interrupt Void Snap from Shackled Servitors and cc/cleave down all the Fragments the spawn(aoe stuns are great for this). Just avoid stuff on the ground and this boss fight is pretty easy.

After this boss is defeated a whole boat of enemies will start running towards you. Don’t be alarmed. They will stop. I like to pull both of the top champions together and assigning interrupts for the fear. I think continue pulling down the left side of the boat. Make sure you have interupts and stuns assigned for mistweavers/mistmenders/champions. As the tank I generally always assign myself to interrupt champions, and I assign a stun for Whirlpool of souls. After you clear the left side of the boat you’ll need to clear two more packs on the right side before engaging the mini boss for mob count. The mini boss is pretty straight forward, just pick up the adds, and interrupt him when he jumps. After defeating the mini boss you’ll reach the final boss.


First phase is pretty much tank Destructor tentacles and dps them as number one priority. Cleave down grasping tentacles in between. You have to kill 6 tentacles to make her submerge. When she casts Backwater Barrage, look to see which hand is down in the water and move to the opposite side of the ship.

Second phase she will submerge and you need to interrupt torment, dodge corrupting bellows(she’ll pick 1/3rd the boat to breath on, just move to wherever she isn’t facing), and avoid swirlies on the ground. Keep DPSing and she’ll give up at around 70%! Collect your chests and loot and be on your way!

I hope this guide was helpful! If you liked it or have questions please post them below! This includes any suggestions to our strategy or future dungeons you’d like to see cover.

Also check out a video of the dungeon!

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