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MythicBoost was founded by gamers, and is made for gamers. Which is exactly why we know what you are looking for, here at MythicBoost we provide a quick, professional and enjoyable boosting experience.

We take pride in our customers satisfaction, our staff, our services and our all around atmosphere. We have been delivering the same service, that we originally established many years ago, but better. Which is why we are branching off into Destiny 2 boosting. We feel comfortable and ready to deliver our services to yet another community of gamers, casuals and everyone alike.

You are always in good hands here at and we will always standby that.

Thank you for considering us, we hope you can join and enjoy the community we have built here.

  • Destiny 2 Carry Pros

    We hope you experience the same level of professionalism and gratitude that our many returning customers over the years have received.

  • Available Worldwide

    All our services are available across the world. This is why we have thousands of satisfied customers and hundreds of positive reviews.

  • Fast and Efficient

    All our Destiny 2 boosts are scheduled within 24 hours guaranteed! For any questions, confirmation on details or anything in between, do not hesitate to ask our 24/7 customer support.

  • Privacy and Security

    Safety first! All our Destiny 2 Boosting services are done through VPN proxies. We do NOT keep your credit information and all on-site transactions are SSL secured.

Mythic Coins

Earn Mythic Coins on every purchase you make in store!

You get 1 Mythic Coin for every 20.00 USD of services purchased in our store. 1 Mythic Coin is equal to 1 USD .
Mythic Coins can be applied on any purchase in our store as if they were real money, and they never expire!

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