Mythic Plus - Class Strengths and Weaknesses

published on 2016-09-16
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In my previous article I briefly discussed what classes were strong in mythic plus. This time I will be going much more in depth into each class/spec and what they offer to mythic plus. I will be covering each tank, each dps, and each healer in this article. While I will not be doing a ranking system, I will go into the strengths and weaknesses of each class or spec.

DISCLAIMER: This is subject to change. There’s a balancing patch coming out soon that can shake things up. Use the information here as guidelines; use it to learn why classes are good, rather than what is the “best”.

Mythic + class strengths and weaknesses Legion class strengths and weaknesses


What I’m looking for in a tank is their survivability on tougher pulls, self-sustain, AoE damage, single target damage, and any other utility they can offer.

Guardian Druid: A very strong class due to its great mitigation, damage reduction cooldowns, massive health, and decent self healing. Outside of just being a huge sponge to soak damage, they also bring great AoE damage from thrash, and utility from stampeding roar and battle rez. Single target is a bit lacking and for reasons I cannot explain they seem to struggle with skittish(threat reducing affix)

Protection Paladin: This class has everything you’d want, great aoe, great single target with cooldowns, great self-sustain, a ton of utility, just about everything. However, this is one of the more squishy classes when you get towards the higher end of mythic plus. If you can find a way to survive some of the harder pulls AND play seraphim, I think this class can be really strong.(if not the best) However, I just don’t see that happening and this class will be one of the weaker ones early on for pushing mythic plus, but great for earlier ranks.

Protection Warrior: The definition of a rock. This class has pretty good AoE with cooldowns and it’s health just doesn’t move with Shield Block and Ignore Pain. This is one of the few tank specs that brings an AoE stun to the group as well. AoE stuns are a huge part of doing some of the bigger pools. This class might actually be the tankiest of all the classes for mythic plus, combine that with their strong burst AoE and this maybe one of the strongest mythic plus tanks.

Vengeance Demon Hunter: One of the scarier classes to tank on at first. A lot of the damage is going to be very spikey. You rely on a lot of your own healing to stabilize your health. (Charred Warblades, Soul Cleave, and Souls all provide a lot of healing) Your active mitigation is strong vs melees and you have great AoE and burst single target damage. Meta, Last Resort, and fueled by pain(Artifact talent) combined with Soul Rending provide great self-sustain on even the hardest of pulls.What really makes this class strong is the sigils, however. AoE Silence, AoE disorient, and AoE grip all on relativel short cool-downs can make this class one of the best for mythic plus boosting and pushing.

Blood Death Knight: DK brings a lot of AoE damage, great self-sustain, good single target, and most importantly the largest AoE grip. There are plenty of pulls that are a million times easier with grip. Blood weakness comes mostly on the pull since most of their mitigation requires ramp up. This weakness is something you can get around with proper play, though.

Brewmaster Monk: This class is similar to paladin, in that it just doesn’t handle the type of damage higher mythic plus does very well. The AoE damage is great, the single target is lacking. There are some cool things you can do with blackout combo and you have an AoE stun, but I just don’t see this class being one of the strongest tanks, unfortunately.


For DPS you really want classes that do great burst aoe damage without giving up single target damage. AoE Stuns and other cc’s are very valuable.

Mythic + class strengths and weaknesses Legion class strengths and weaknesses

Druid: Both specs feral and balance are viable, but I don’t think either are particularly strong. Balance relies a lot on fury of elune to do good damage and that can get ruined just by tank moving slightly, but it does still have solar beam which is incredibly strong. Feral has better aoe then it use to and still has great single target, neither spec will be great in mythic plus, but they’re also not useless.

Warlock: The problem with warlocks is they really have to choose between single and aoe dps with a lot of their talents. They just can’t efficiently be good at both. The best spec is probably affliction due to it’s great aoe and decent st dps on longer fights. Destro also seems fine, I’d stay away from demonology.

Mage: Fire appears to be the best spec right now. This spec has great aoe cleave and burst thanks to living bomb. It also has amazing burst on single target and it’s sustain is pretty good as well. This class has the potential to be one of the strongest mythic plus dps classes just because of the pure damage.

Monk: One of the strongest dps classes. Great Burst AoE damage, 5 second aoe stun, great single target damage, and great defensive cool-downs. This class brings everything you want for mythic plus.

Rogue: Outlaw is definitely the spec to play for rogues right now. The damage out put of outlaw can be very good, but also can be inconsistent. Sometimes you’ll crush everyone on bosses or trash when you roll sixes, other times you’ll have to reroll a bunch and feel pretty medium. Beyond great damage, rogues also bring some great cc and an immunity. This class has potential to be strong in mythic plus.

Warrior: Similar to monks, warriors are also one of the strongest dps classes. Both specs are viable but I’m leaning towards arms being slightly better for mythic plus atm. Great burst AoE damage, 5 second aoe stun, great single target damage, and a raid cooldown. This class bring everything you want for mythic plus.

Demon Hunter: One of the strongest dps classes. Great burst AoE damage, 5 second aoe stun, raid cooldown, and great single target burst with its meta cool-down for bosses. This class brings everything you want for mythic plus. See the pattern yet?

Death Knight: Very Strong, great aoe, cleave, and single target damage. Single grips are also great(unfortunately no more aoe grip for dps dk’s). Both specs are incredibly strong, I prefer unholy for the second grip and single target cool-downs, but frost is incredibly strong as well.

Paladin: This class just doesn’t excel at anything. I don’t see ret making a lot of splashes in mythic plus. This is probably one of the weaker mythic plus classes.

Priest: This class is severly lacking in AoE/Cleave damage and has no burst damage. I think it’s possible for them to be somewhat viable on tyrannical weeks just because of how strong their single target will be with surrender to madness, but that’s just a very niche situation. This might be one fo the worst mythic plus classes.

Hunter: Hunters have always been one of the strongest dps for 5 mans. They were great in MoP and WoD, and not much has changed. MM and BM are both great, offering strong single target, great aoe burst, misdirection, an immunity, and aoe stun. This class has all the tools to be one of the strongest mythic plus dps classes.

Shaman: Great single target damage with cooldowns, decent cleave damage, 5 second aoe stun, purge, ankh, and lust. This class brings a lot to the group and is a strong class for mythic plus.


I am valuing through-put more then damage this time around considering how healing intensive mythic plus can get. Healer utility is as important as it always was before and group cool-downs are even more important.

Restoration Shaman: A strong healing class with lots of utility and an interrupt. The fact this class offers good aoe healing, group cooldowns, ankh and ankh totem, and a 10% HP buffer(especially important in later tyrannical pushing considering abilities come close to one shotting) would make this class very competitive, combine it with having a great healing kit as well and it’s one of the stronger healing choices for mythic plus.

Mistweaver Monk: Great AoE damage with spinning crane kick, an aoe stun, paralysis, and mana-efficient. This class has a lot to offer to a group and could be strong, but it could struggle handling the damage in some of the higher mythic plus levels.

Restoration Druid: Still great for healing 5 mans. Great Single-target healing, great passive aoe healing, iron bark, battle rez, and dps affinity all give the class great healing and utility. Something would have to drastically change for this to not be one of the best 5 man healers.

Holy Paladin: Great single target healing, great damage capability, group cooldowns, healing cool-downs, blessing of protection, bubble. This class has everything it needs to be a very strong mythic plus healer.

Holy Priest: The best utility this class has is mind control. There’s several dungeons you can abuse mind control in for buffs/debuffs on bosses/trash. This class can heal through prob even the most difficult of mythic plus, but it lacks utility to make it one of the strongest healing classes in my opinion.

Discipline Priest: Unfortunately, this spec is just trying to do to much to handle the type of damage in mythic plus. It seemed like it’d be a perfect 5 man spec, but it just can’t handle the amount of damage mythic plus is going to do. This is the one spec I don’t recommend at all for mythic plus boosting or pushing.

I hope this gives you some good insight into what classes strengths and weaknesses are. Hopefully, this will help you push further into mythic plus!

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