The Road to WoW Shadowlands Mythic+

published on 2020-08-05
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WoW Shadowlands is bringing a few interesting things for us PvE lovers out there, 8 new dungeons, several mechanics and items to grind for and I don't know about you, but Torghast is a dream come true. Procedurally generated tower with scaling difficulty, both gear rewards and transmogs in it. Where do I sign?

If you're like me, you've been craving that extra bit of personalization in your character when it comes to Mythic+ or raiding. Well Blizzard seems to have heard our pleads with what's coming up in WoW Shadowlands. Here's a couple of interesting upcoming features that they have announced in the last couple of days.

Legendary Powers

You're probably already acquainted with the idea of having several legendary items saved up. Well get ready to increase your collection because Mythic+ in Shadowlands is going to require more than a few different builds from now on.
What we've seen from the test realm is dungeons with an array of mechanics that are going to need some extra oomph to get you out of them. Not to mention Torghast doesn't allow you to change talents or gear between floors (With a certain exceptions).
From casting during movement to stat boosts, summoning familiars, auto casting skills, crowd control reduction and many more, your legendary arsenal is bound to look bulkier and fancier than ever.


This new expansion has brought several new, interesting ideas to the concept of WoW, one that I personally am very excited about is conduits and soulbinds. These bad boys will give you much more room to diversify your build when doing Mythic+ in Shadowlands.

With the 15 ranks that we've seen from datamining, the fact that you can change your covenant if you need to (provided you don't want to go back), you can use different soulbinds with the same conduit and being able to change them weekly all your specs will be covered (Mind the item level grind.)
Perhaps the part that is more complimentary of it all is that grinding for your conduits isn't tied to a specific way of playing, they will come from different sources so you can grind your gear in the most enjoyable way possible.
Now, I know this all sounds like an awful lot of stuff to consider when the expansion hasn't even come out. But don't you worry, I'm here to bring you some resources to get acquainted with what's coming for Mythic+ in Wow Shadowlands.
Courtesy of Wowhead we have a soulbind calculator with the latest data mining updates. (Link under the image.) In it you can check your options by class, covenant and pact.

Knowing all of this, I can say Wow Shadowlands Mythic+ and raiding promises to be a challenging, dynamic experience that will keep you and your friends (or guild) busy for quite a while to come.

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