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The final act of Sylvanas Windrunner was ripping the vail to the afterlife, the action resulted in Azeroth's staunchest protectors destroyed, the reality is about to unravel. The vail no more to separate the living from the dead, are you ready to venture to the all-new game + experience? With the mythic + Boost. Where your safety is our priority, 100% safe since 2004.

You have been granted access to cross over to the shadowlands in body and soul, as part of Azeroth's great champions. The duty of the champions is to unmask the plot to unmake the cosmos then assist the warcraft legends to fulfill their destiny.

The new realms have wonders and horrors equally awaiting you in the land beyond the light, the other side, The Shadowland. Welcome to the home of the departed, where the balance between life and death is preserved in a world between worlds, a resting home for all departed mortal's souls that ever lived. Once a mortal's soul departs the land of the living it will pass through Oribos, the crossroads of the shadowlands where the dead are judged by the Arbiter. After the judgment, they are assigned to their last home.

The WoW shadowlands have new five realms for you to explore, each kingdom has its own character depending on the souls that are living there. The first one is the Bastion realm is ruled by the Kyrian Covenant, a kingdom of spires and crystalline skies, the place where serving souls are transported by the Arbiter to cleanse their burden and self-cleanse. They become Kyrian massagers and couriers.  

The next realm is the Ardenweald, where the wild gods and spirits of nature slumber inside the Wildseed, tended by the night fae. The kingdom has an eternal forest filled with massive dream trees that lure the soul essence of anima to feed the wild god and spirit. For the protection of the shadowland, Maldraxxus is the military heart of the shadowlands where all relentless warlike souls are found. The warlike souls strive against each other with the victors transformed to the undead soldiers by the necromancers who are ruled by Necrolord.

The immediate neighbor is the Revendreth kingdom, a land of gothic spires and dark secret someplace no soul would ever volunteer to go. Souls sent here are prideful or have flaws that prevent them from serving in the other realms, they come here to compensate for their sins. Then we've got MAW a horrific place, the home to the vilest and irredeemable souls that ever existed, they pause so much threat to the shadowland that they locked no souls have ever visited and come back. At the center of Maw, you will find the Torghast, the cursed prison where the wicked souls are locked away for eternity.

As a gamer who is more analytical in every edition, I think this is the most comprehensive release. The WoW shadowland Leveling makes the game faster than before as you prepare for the newest challenges. The levels have also been reduced, meaning that the levels will become more meaningful with increases in progression and power.  

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