WoW Patch 7.3 - Shadows of Argus

published on 2017-08-13
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WoW Patch 7.3
WoW Patch 7.3

Hello everyone! Here were are again, with another patch release. With this new patch we can expect a variety of class changes, new items, cap raises on almost everything such as crafted items, artifact knowledge, champion item levels and some more stuff listed below! We also get an introduction to the new Nether Crucible which is going to be one of the main focuses in this patch, as well some new raiding content, new dungeon, legendary ring, tier 21 armor sets and ton more!

New Environment and Quests: Argus

World of Warcraft Patch 7.3 introduces one new region, which is Argus. Argus is composed of three zones, Krokunn, Mac'Aree, and Stygian Wake. When you arrive on Argus for the first time, you will land on Krokuun. Following previous Legion experiences, slowly you will start unlocking the other two zones over several weeks.

With this new content oriented patch, there comes with it many new cutscenes and cinematics, we can expect a ton of these throughout this patch! The three new zones are extremely good looking and have some pretty promising questlines, although most of your time will be spent running on the ground, these new quests keep you intrigued and are super interactive. Vindicaar will be our main point of interest with this new world and should offer an exciting element into the mix of things!

Class Changes

Along with WoW Patch 7.3, there are some new class changes coming! These are still in the works, but the hottest topics right now are Frost Death Knights and Feral Druid. As of now there is not a ton of class changes that are too game changing, just some minor buffs and tweaks to talent trees smoothing out the edges of certain classes, and the overall feel of some specs.

Druid: They are overall receiving a 33% ability damage buff, as well some talents are being moved around. These changes will make other talent builds more viable, and reducing the overall difficulty to play Feral effectively.
Death Knight: Similarly they are receiving a 27% ability damage boost, as well making some changes to the talent system, so Breath of Sindragosa talent is not as overpowering.

Artifact Knowledge Changes + Alt/New Player Catch Up Gear

WoW Patch 7.3 will rework how the Artifact Knowledge mechanic works. Currently, you must queue a Artifact Research Notes work order, which will take 5 or less days, depending if you are behind on research or not, which will then increase the amount of Artifact Power you receive. Higher the Knowledge, higher the "skips" like Artifact Research Compendium: Volumes I-VII you can send to your alts, old or new.

WoW Patch 7.3 will change that, now Artifact Knowledge will be a global bonus, applied to all players and increased weekly by Blizzard. Increasing the cap to Artifact Knowledge level 55, and increasing the multiplier each rank. Which is not too great of news, as people really have stopped caring about artifact power once they achieve concordance, although Blizzard are determined to change that, with their recent and continues efforts to constantly change the way we view and use our Artifact Weapons, Knowledge and Power.

WoW Patch 7.3
WoW Patch 7.3

WoW Patch 7.3 also offers the ability for players to purchase Relinquished Tokens from Thaumaturge Vashreen, he will now be relocated into the basement of the Vindicaar which will be the main area of affairs in Argus. Each token costs 650 Veiled Argunite, a new currency found through many activities on Argus. Such as, weekly quests and invasions, clearing the new dungeon, killing rares and doing world quests.

These tokens act similar to the vendor on the Broken Shore, but items are now upgraded to item level 910, if things follow the same path as 7.2: there should be chances are titanforging and warforging plus legendaries!

On another note, crafted gear can now be upgraded to item level 935 via Primal Obliterum. In addition Blizzard added a new necklace heirloom - Man'ari Training Amulet. Another new feature of Artifact Weapons will be the Netherlight Crucible, this will not be unlocked until the third week of the patch, but is acquired by completing the entire questline of Krokuun and Mac'Aree, the Crucible unlocks after An Offering of Shadow is completed.

For all of you gold goblins this will be some excellent news! Whoever can stock up on these new crafting materials, and sell them first will be making insane profits and allowing you to keep on purchasing those WoW tokens with gold.

The Crucible will allow you to upgrade your relics, and depending on your concordance level you get a sort of mini talent tree to work with, first level of concordance will give you +5 item levels on your relic, and you will choose between two paths although the last one will be RNG. These will add extra relic traits, mostly positive but some of course are going to be better than others, and adding this RNG aspect will have issues arise.

Legendary Ring

The new legendary ring, Insignia of the Grand Army will be available in WoW Patch 7.3.5 via the raid quest The Death of a Titan. It increases the effects of the Netherlight Crucible by 50%. By information previously released, it will have something to do with artifact relics, probably enhancing them.

Invasion Bosses

WoW Patch 7.3
WoW Patch 7.3

Argus will have its own set of World Bosses added in WoW Patch 7.3. It is currently unsure how will they work, but it will likely be like the original Legion ones did at launch, with one being up at a given week and then rotating. There are currently eight bosses in the Dungeon Journal:

  1. Dark Keeper Aedis
  2. Void-Blade Zedaat
  3. Matron Folnuna
  4. Mistress Alluradel
  5. Inquisitor Meto
  6. Occularus
  7. Sotanathor
  8. Pit Lord Vilemus

New Factions

There are two new factions coming in WoW Patch 7.3.

Argussian Reach has a number of talbuk mounts like Reins of the Umber Ruinstrider.
Army of the Light has the incredible Lightforged Warframe mount at Exalted.


Going into Argus, the item level cap for Champions will be raised to 950. After ilvl 900, there are also new items used to increase your champion's items, like how it happened during the transition from 850 to 900 in 7.1.5. There will also be new rare, epic and event legendary equipments for your champions, like Augari Censorite Staff or Memento of the Lightforged, based now on new mechanisms and lore found in Argus rather than your own class. To round it all out, there are also new troops, like Krokul Ridgestalker with abilities like Forged in Light.

This is great news, because the Orderhall missions have been at a serious stalemate. It has just been an endless loop of the same missions showing back up in your missions table, so hopefully with the new items, troops and item level cap we can see some more challenging but yet rewarding missions.


We can expect some new crafting materials for some professions, such as skinning, mining, jewelcrafting, and some more! New materials and recipes for crafting professions, adding a new craftable tier, upgradable using Primal Obliterum and Primal Sargerite instead of Obliterum and Blood of Sargeras. It also will be adding new epic gems like Quick Lightsphene and some fun items like Pond Nettle.

My Thoughts & Opinions

I personally feel this patch will be an improvement and a breathe of fresh air, from the past patches, 7.2 mainly we have not had a ton of new content in a while, some would say since the release of Legion, I for one do not really have a stance on that, but I do know from the PTR this new content seems extremely promising in certain points. Not only is Argus stunning with the new landscape and features, there is a ton of cutscenes and cinematics being added along with this patch, which I personally love. As a Mythic Raider, you really get in the mind set of grinding out the game, getting the best gear potentially and become extremely raid oriented. I am not the biggest fan of questing I will admit, but when Blizzard puts in the effort I think they come up with some really brilliant quest chains, and their people who create the cinematics do an extremely good job, in my opinion. Also Argus is extremely easily to get around, as long as you use vindicaar to your advantage. Also the new invasions do seem pretty interesting, but people theorized that it might not be extremely difficult and may just turn into a grind fest. As well, they are adding one new dungeon, and a new raid. Although we will have to wait sometime for them to actually come out, I for one am extremely excited for some new raiding content and dungeons. Tomb of Sargeras was an extreme let down, the difficulty was way too easy and really had some bland boss fights. So I do have high hopes for the new raid, but if there is anything I have learned is to not get my hopes up too high just to have them let down.

WoW Patch 7.3
WoW Patch 7.3

The patch basically feels the same, but presented a little bit more nicely, and has been polished up and can be something we can enjoy for a while. Is this patch going to fix all of World of Warcraft's issues? By all means no, the content will bring some people back and the content will be good and that is worth playing through. For instance many people feel the gameplay needs to be a lot less static and more dynamic, meaning the content changes based off of player actions. These new quests, are going to be extremely interactive and should be really fun as we bring down the legion defensives!

Next on the note of relics, with the Nether Crucible, I am not entirely excited about the RNG aspect of the last trait, because there is going to be one that is totally better than others so I can see this having issues arise in the future, although you will get the preview window to sort of see what you are going to end up with and aim your judgement a tad bit better. Which of course will be extremely beneficial but I can see everyone not using this feature and just causing issues.

For the topic of the auction house and gold wise, I am not expecting anything too drastic to the current auction house prices, although with all new patches when the raids arrive there is always a spike in crafting materials, potions, flasks and a ton of more raiding supplies such as enchants. I would not recommend stocking up on too much stuff, as the new hot commodities will be the newly introduced crafting materials.

On the note of the new dungeon, I am of course excited for the new content, but I am hearing it is not entirely that good of a dungeon it has the same length of something like Dark Heart Thicket, or Maw of Souls with an organized group, as well there is some extremely irritating features of the dungeon that ruins the flow and has some awful debuffs.

Now trying to not be too negative on the new WoW Patch 7.3, it is going to hopefully set us up nicely for the next expansion coming out soon, many people are saying it will be announced during this years blizzcon. So now at the moment is may not be super amazing, it may set things up nicely for the future. As of now, these are my thoughts on the patch overall I feel this patch will be good, but do not expect too much I just want to set the right expectation. As usual we will have more articles and posts coming up in the future covering more about the patch, with the new features and my thoughts and opinions.

Thanks for reading, see you in the next chapter!

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