WoW Gold Guide

published on 2017-08-20
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WoW Gold Guide
WoW Gold Guide

Hello everyone!

Today I have a guide showing you all the best ways I've found over the years to earn and make money in World of Warcraft, during the Legion expansion. Due to the nature of money making in WoW this can easily change and probably will in months time.

Although some of these methods will always be viable, and can make you insane amounts of gold, I'll share all the little tips and tricks me and my group of friends use to pull in 400k gold + a month, while affording our WoW subscriptions, mounts and raiding materials and still having left over gold to spend on whatever we see fit.

These couple methods will mostly only require you, and some dedication but the ones that really pull in the huge treasure chests full of gold, will require you and a group of friends. You can either have a group ranging from three additional friends, or twelve. The numbers of your group as not as important, only depending on what you want to do, but mainly what matters is what each role your friends play, and them all being diverse.

The first method I'm going to discuss is of course which most of you can probably guess, is professions! Professions are and always will be one of the best ways of making gold in WoW, not only can you do it all on your own, it solely depends on how much time and effort you are willing to put into each profession.

Picking A Profession

There is a grand total of 11 primary professions in WoW and 4 secondary professions. The list of primaryprofessions are, Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Engineering, Herbalism, Inscription, Jewelcrafting, Leatherworking, Mining, Skinning, Tailoring. The list of secondaryprofessions are, Archaeology, Cooking, First Aid, Fishing.
Of course deciding which profession you want to pick can be overwhelming at first, and sounds miserable, having to level up anything 800 times can be extremely agonizing!

Now picking the professions you desire, should be dual professions. Meaning they should compliment each other well, such as mining and jewelcrafting likewisealchemy and herbalism. These are not the only two combos you can do, but these are just some simple examples. You want the other profession you pick to help the other, so if you decide to learn skinning, you might want to consider tailoring. Not only by doing this method will you save a fortune on the materials you need to buy in order to level up your professions, you will get the experience while doing it, and helps you learn the two, hand and hand.

Now let's talk about, "Power Leveling" professions, is it really worth it? In my humble opinion, yes! Power Leveling a profession is most definitely worth it, not only do you save a ton of time, you can start leveling up your best selling craftables. For example if you're considering alchemy, you can start doing the quest line and leveling up your flasks ASAP which is extremely important. For the most part if you want alchemy to even be somewhat profitable, you have to have level three flasks and other potions for the % at procs. Which essentially means, you get anywhere from 1 - 20 extra flasks for the same amount of materials (mats).

WoW Gold Guide
WoW Gold Guide

Now that being said, you should only seek this path if you have the gold to afford it, before professions or before you have a toon with a high item level, you might want to consider leveling two characters to level 110, not only do you get around 15k for doing the entire quest chain, you can be doing up to four different professions at once, now trying to multi-task and do four professions at once can most definitely be overwhelming, but if you can handle the micromanagement it will pay off in the long run. Just be prepared to do a lot of "grinding" and farming, because if you want 100% you need to generate some "raw" gold, which means you pay nothing for it, and you're farming it. Such as herbalism, farming starlight rose and selling it, you make 100% profit, the only loss being your time, of course depending on how efficiently you spend it, that can differ.

What professions do you recommend?

Now me personally I want to just say, do whatever you think seems most interesting. If you like the way a certain professions sounds or seems entertaining to you I would strongly recommend doing that one, because that is the one you will stick with. Relating it to real life, it is like working out, the best work out is the ones you will do! So make sure you watch some YouTube videos on the professions and see what suits your cup of tea the most.

To answer the question though, I really recommend ones that will always be viable. Most of them pretty much will always be viable, but the ones that are guaranteed to be viable are enchanting, alchemy and jewelcrafting. Why you may ask, because those three things will always be needed! The majority of people that play World of Warcraft, participate in PvE meaning those who gear correctly, will always need enchantments for their gear, always need gems to socket their gear and need flasks,potions and pre-pots to get the most from their raiding progression. Now let's say none of those three interest you, which may be the case that is totally fine! The other methods are of course profitable too. Here is why, those are going to be by far the least common professions used by the mass crowds, meaning you have way less competition on the auction house, meaning you can much more easily buyout stocks and relist to the prices you desire, and not only that. You can enjoy the game more whilst having items listed on the auction house. Now this obviously varies for each realm, some realms may have tons of alchemist spamming trade chat all day long, where some only have 1-4 very well known alchemist spamming trade chat, and have total control over the auction house.

Now let's go over just some common terms used in trade chat, and just everyday to day chat that sellers and buyers use. You type /2to enter trade chat, in any major city/town.
WTS -wanting to sell.
WTT -wanting to trade.
WTB -wanting to buy.
B.O -best offer.
Mats -materials.
C.O.D -cash on delivery (this is a form of mail, meaning you/they send items and you can't take the items from the mailbox until you hit accept to paying them a certain amount).
PM -private message (whisper)
MT -miss tell (they whispered the wrong person)
/w me -whisper me

Here is a common example of a trade chat message.

Alchemist: Free your mats! Wts lvl 3 Flask of the Seventh Demon - 400g e/a - 8k e/a stack.

This means, I'm buying any materials you have that you don't need, for an alchemist. Also I'm selling agility flasks for 400 gold each, I also put level 3 because I rank 3 Flask of the Seventh Demon, and if you give me the materials to craft it, I will craft it for you, all you have to do is tip me.

Auction House

Okay, now let's talk about the auction house, it can be very confusing to people, but it really is not that hard of a concept to grasp once you fully understand it. I am not saying you will totally understand it by the end of this guide without any practice, but once you take these tips I teach you, and put them to practice, you will slowly and in my opinion very easily start to understand how the whole auction house works, which can be totally overcomplicated, which at the end of the day is a pretty basic process.

Alright, now let's say you want to sell something, for example you want to sell a flask you created, since you're an alchemist. So you first start by searching the item, and checking the lowest price for it. Now once you see the price, you have a couple options here, depending on how many times you have rinsed and repeated this process and the total earnings you have finally come up on. So you can either, undercut the person or you can buy out the market and relist it for the desired price you want. Now when would you do either of these options? It is quite simple, there is a general price stuff goes for, after a while and these prices only tend to change when a new raid or expansion comes out, or there was a huge patch that changes a profession or the way a item is acquired drastically.

WoW Gold Guide
WoW Gold Guide

So let's say the price of the current flask you want to sell is actually at a stable price, and you will make money in return if you bought the materials and crafted it, now if you farmed the materials to craft the flask, as long as you have a lot of flasks in stock and are happy with the number you see currently listed on the screen, you will undercut the cheapest price by 1 copper. This is a very important teaching point here, you should never undercut by anymore than that, here is the reason behind it.

Let's say you have an item selling for 2k on the auction house, and someone comes by and undercuts that person by 400 gold. Now if the items sells right away, then okay no harm no fowl! But now let's say the item does not sell immediately, it might take a couple hours. But it's early in the morning and everyone is starting to log back on, and someone who has the same item wants to sell it and comes to the auction house, but this time they have an addon that automatically lists and sells items for them, and then bam there goes someone else undercutting that person by only 1 copper, but it is still 400 gold from the original/desired price, and now you have to decide to buy those out or test your luck, but then more people come on and in a matter of 30 minutes, the price of the item has been driven into the dirt and down 700 gold.

Now 700 gold may not seem like a lot of money, but for people who only play the auction house and have millions and millions of gold and can afford a couple hundred flasks, the price of 700 really adds up pretty fast, when you sell all of them.

Okay, now that I have stressed the importance of undercutting, let's get into the point where you are actually starting to make some gold and you can afford to buyout the market and relist an item. Like I said items generally tend to sell at a fixed cost after a certain point, and that really tends to not change. So you can not buyout a market and expect to raise the price by 2k, but this also depends on the item, you can of course do this for a rare piece of transmog that only like 3 people have, but for something like flasks that hundreds of people have, it won't work like that.

WoW Gold Guide
WoW Gold Guide

So you need to treat it like this, of course you have no idea when someone will come by and undercut, or when someone will buy your items. Some instances it will be seconds after you post the item and sometimes by the end of the day you will have sold nothing due to undercuts and just a low demand of that item. So when you buyout an item, you should be happy with anywhere from 5-10 of them selling, now also you need to understand the majority of people who buy flasks and raiding materials, will buy everything they need for the week or even sometimes the month, so it is also very important the time you decide to list your items and the day. Depending on where you live, you want to list your items on tuesday or wednesday, these of course being reset day.

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