Mythic+ Dungeon Guide - Eye of Azshara

published on 2016-10-28
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Last week I covered Maw of Souls (click here to read the article) we will be covering Eye of Azshara this week. As always remember to comment at the bottom if you’d like to see a different dungeon covered!

Eye of Azshara is a dungeon located in Azsuna. Warlord Parjesh escaped here earlier if you followed the Azsuna questline. We’re basically going in to stop whatever they had planned. I’m sure you can guess there’s a bunch of naga, sea creatures, and the dreaded sea gulls in this instance.

You’re going to want to go to the left to start and pull the two nagas up top with the two at the bottom. Use interrupts/grips if you have them to group them up. AoE them down, then pull the large part with the group of naga near the tent. Interrupting storm on all of this trash is important since it does a lot of damage. Also assign someone to interrupt any heals. There’s one more similar trash pack right before the boss.

Mythic+ Dungeon Maw of Souls
Mythic+ Dungeon Eye of Azshara

Warlord Parjesh

This boss is pretty straight forward. I like to cleave down the caster add and leave the big add up to soak the spear. Make sure you assign someone to interrupt each add. I generaly use lust on this boss so we can get an extra one in the instance. Make sure if you’re melee you don’t get hit by his dash. Other then that, this fight is very straight forward

We now need to clear two Hatecoil Arcanists. There’s one slightly down the hill that I like to pull with the slimes(on non bolstering week) I actually try to pull every pack of slimes and crabs I can find to meet mob count. The second hatecoil arcanists I like to kill is all the way at the bottom near Lady Hatecoil the second boss. Kill the arcanist and you’ll be onto the second boss.

Lady Hatecoil

This boss is a little tricky and most groups do it incorrectly. The first set of mechanics she’ll alternate between Static Nova and Focused Lightning. The first you want to be on land or you’ll get stunned and possibly die, for the other you want to be in water, or you will destroy the sand dunes and take additional damage. Additionally she’ll summon adds and put a curse on players. The curse detonates when it expires dealing damage and knocking everything in it’s path back. You want to use the curse to help kill the small adds, but it’s important not to knock back the tank with it. Generally, I don’t use the first curse to kill the adds and wait for the second one to kill them. Call out who’s getting the knock back(it’s easiest for tanks) and everyone else make sure you aim yours away from the group. This is the easiest way to kill other players. The only other thing to worry about on this fight are the tornadoes which will also destroy sand dunes so try to spawn and keep them away from them.

After Lady Hatecoil dies you’ll want to clear all the pats(including the sea gulls if you guys have a bunch of random cleave) and as many crabs and droplets you can before engaging Serpentix.

Mythic+ Dungeon Maw of Souls
Mythic+ Dungeon Eye of Azshara


This boss has three heads, the main head is green and there’s a fire and arcane head that spawn at 66% and 33% after he submerges. He’ll put a debuff on a player called toxic wound, which will leave puddles on the ground you don’t wanna stand in. Make sure you don’t cover up to much space leaving these down. The tank should always stay on Serpentix and you want to assign a dps on each head to kill it and interupt it as much as possible. Once the heads are dead finish killing serpentix. Repeat at 33%.

After you finish serpentix there’s few crab packs to kill before you head into the cave. Once in the cave avoid the big giant and try to find the patting murlocs kill those and the goblins(you can kill them together if you desire) You can avoid all the rest of the trash up until the two giants. Kill the two giants, if you’re not at mob count yet you’ll want to kill the packs of murlocs in the area until you have mob count.

King Deepbeard

This guy is a little tricky, but I like him considering he has a beard. The main mechanic is the shield he put on players which makes you want to stand in things. Some of the things you can use to break your shield are quake(which spawn under every player, and where the previous quake was), Ground Slam)which he casts in a circle in front of him(generally on the tank), and call the seas(which is unreliable since it doesnt do a lot of damage. If you fail to break the shield it will explode and do the remaining damage to your group. Other then that just dps him down, at 30% he’ll enrage and the tank will want to save some cooldowns to deal with the extra damage.

After Deepbeard is dead you’ll have four nagas channeling into wrath of azshara to kill before the last boss is unlocked. They each cast spells that resemble the boss mechanics so you get a little sneak peak. They’re not too bad, dps them down and get ready for the final boss.

Wrath of Azshara

This boss is the bane of this entire instance. Don’t be fooled by the fact it starts at 20% it still has a huge health pool(Also warrior and shadow priests will love the fact this boss starts so low). This guy is one bigger storm and the storm intensifies at 10%. This is where you’ll want to lust and finish off the boss. The mechanics you’ll have to deal with are; Massive Deluge, which is cast on the tank and you just need to run out of, Arcane bomb, which needs to be moved out of the group, dispelled, and run out of, and crushing depths which requires people to stack and soak. Just remain collective, deal with the mechanics, use personals on crushing depths, and finish the boss off.

And that’s it! That’s all of Eye of Azshara. I hope you enjoyed our guide! Please, if you have any questions or comments post them in the section below. I’d love to hear from you guys. Is there any dungeons you’d like to see covered in the future? If you’re interested and want to learn even more about these dungeons I suggest heading over here and looking around. We’d love to help you out!

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