Mage Tower Challenge

published on 2017-04-25
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The Mage Tower is one of the three buildings you can contribute Legionfall War Supplies to. Once it is active, it will be up for a period of time (three days) and you can have access to various perks like a Portal Network inside the building which contains portals leading to any of the other zones in the Broken Isles (Stormheim, Suramar, Highmountain, Azsuna and Val’Sharah). Another perk is the Veiled Wyrmtongue Chests which spawn across The Broken Shore and have a chance to contain Legionfall War Supplies and Nethershards.

The Mage Tower Artifact Challenges are a new and pretty fun feature in patch 7.2. Once you complete them, you will unlock a new Artifact Appearance and prove everyone you are worth of it! Today we will bring some tips for the Elemental Shaman Artifact Challenge. The Scenario for this spec is: Elemental: An Impossible Foe (Imp Mother Agatha).

Elemental Shaman

Which talents should I go with?

The Broken Shore, where both Horde and Alliance fought together to bring down the Legion's plans at the beginning of the expansion, is now our next target before venturing into the Tomb of Sargeras. Here in the Broken Shore we establish our own class-specific base in Deliverance Point after a short scenario where the main antagonist is none other than the Dreadlord Mephistroth. Around the Broken Shore we can kill some rare mobs, open treasure chests and face a new threat called Sentinax; a Legion ship that we cannot directly strike but can take advantage of it by farming the Broken Shore currency, Nethershards.

  • Tier 15: Totem Mastery provides the best benefits out of all the other talents as we will be using a Lightning Rod spec. The added Overload chance and the increased passive Flame Shock damage provide some high sustain on Agatha while we rapidly deal with the Imps she spawns.
  • Tier 30: Gust of Wind is what we are looking for in this tier as it will aid us a lot in Phase 2 so we can dodge the Boulders.
  • Tier 45: Here you can choose Lightning Surge Totem or Earthgrab Totem as both provide some unique benefits. Lightning Surge stun could aid you in controlling the large wave of adds that Agatha spawns and Earthgrab Totem could delay the healing Imps that spawn from the entrance so you can deal with them whenever you feel more confident.
  • Tier 60: Ancestral Swiftness is a no-brainer as the increased Haste percentage improves all of our arsenal and makes the Lightning Rod spec easier to execute.
  • Tier 75: Elemental Blast is the best talent for Lightning Rod as it randomly buffs our spells and does good damage so we can burst down some priority targets.
  • Tier 90: Echo of the Elements provides some additional burst to single targets but the Liquid Magma Totem is another pretty useful talent for AoE scenarios. The most suitable choice for this Challenge is the Magma Totem as there will be lots of AoE involved on priority targets.
  • Tier 100: We will be using the Lightning Rod spec as it is the most suitable for this scenario.
Mage Tower Challenge - Recommended Build
My recommended build for the Challenge (click to zoom)

What about Legendaries?

In this Challenges, the not-so-used Legendaries prove to be highly useful. Prydaz and Sephuz make up a great pair of Legendaries as both of them provide high survivability with the shield from Prydaz, the increased movement speed and haste increase from Sephuz and high stamina from 940 item level pieces of jewelry. We should add that stunning and interrupting are all over the place in this Challenge so Sephuz will always be at its peak in terms of performance.

The Roots of Shaladrassil is another good Legendary to go with as when movement is not needed, the healing will provide us the sustain we need to deal with the barrages of spells from Imps and Agatha herself.

Every other Legendary provides a nice DPS increase in most situations.

  • Echoes of the Great Sundering: The increased damage on Earthquake will aid us on dealing with the adds Agatha spawns which are almost always clumped up.
  • Eye of the Twisting Nether: An easy to manage DPS increase. Elemental Blast provides all 3 buffs and some more damage to deal even faster with the adds.
  • Al'Akir's Acrimony: Best Legendary to deal with those pesky imps as Chain Lightning will always hit all of them.
  • The Deceiver's Blood Pact: If it procs, we can deal with two separate adds in just one cast. The adds we will spend Earth Shocks in will most likely be the healing ones or Umbral Imps which provide Agatha with immunity. It could also help us deal with the shield Agatha casts on herself when casting a Shadow damage spell that we need to interrupt.
  • Uncertain Reminder: The Bloodlust Legendary could prove useful at the beginning to burn her easily into Phase 2 or we can use it after she gets into Phase 2 to manage the AoE and damage much easier.
  • Kil'jaeden's Burning Wish:Very useful when dealing with the imps she spawns.
  • Pristine Proto-Scale Girdle: This Legendary copes better with an Ascendance spec but could prove useful if you do not have any of the previous mentioned Legendaries.


We will now cover up all the abilities involved in this Challenge:

  • Agatha's Fury: Agatha casts this once she reaches 100 energy. She deals ticking damage to us and needs to be interrupted, but there is a trick; we need to burn her shield first before using Wind Shear. She applies a debuff every time the damage ticks on us. This is considered top priority to be dealt with as this debuff makes the ticks more painful and much harder to deal with.
  • Imps: Various types of imps will be summoned throughout the Challenge. We will list them in below:
    • Umbral Imp: These imps, usually spawned in groups, are our top priority as they provide Agatha with an immunity buff. This should be dealt with quickly.
    • Fuming Imp: The Fuming imps spawn solo and after a brief moment they will start chasing us. Once they reach us, they will start casting Plague Zone. When the cast goes off, the imp will explode dealing damage to you if you are close and spawning a patch around itself.
    • Imp Servant: Imp Servants spawn as a duo at the entrance of the Scenario and will run towards Agatha. Once they reach her, they will start casting an interruptible spell that heals her. This adds should be dealt with if there are no Fuming or Umbral imps alive.
    • Smoldering Imp: These imps spawn, sometimes, together with Umbral Imps and they simply cast Fireballs at us. Every successful cast will grant them a stacking buff which increases their damage. They should be dealt with if there are none of the previously mentioned imps as their damage could prove very problematic.
  • Boulders: Once Agatha reaches 50% health (which we will call Phase 2), she will teleport to the back of the room and drop some boulders at us. These boulders will come down one at a time and either be on the right, middle or left side of the room. If they hit you, you will be almost one shotted and stunned.
  • Translocate: Once she gets into Phase 2, Agatha will teleport to the opposite side of the room every time she loses 10% of her HP.

How do I overcome this Challenge?

Mage Tower Challenge - Agatha
Agatha as seen in the Challenge

Now that the priorities are set up, we will make a short quick tip-guide about how to defeat Agatha and earn our brand new Artifact Appearance!

  • Shortly after pulling, Agatha will summon the first wave of adds; spam Chain Lightning and Liquid Magma Totem if taken to deal with them.
  • Use Stormkeeper every time you need to deal with adds.
  • Always use Elemental Blast on cooldown.
  • Always leave Flame Shock active on Agatha as the constant DPS and chance of getting an instant Lava Surge will provide us the damage needed without leaving our priorities unattended (Lava Surge procs can also help us dealing with movement).
  • Once the Fuming Imps appear you can knock them back with Thunderstorm if they are coming close to you and DPS them down or simply take them to the edges of the room so the patches won't bother us on Phase 2.
  • When Imp Servants appear, you can spam Chain Lightning on Agatha (using her as our Rod) and use Earth Shocks to take them down or Earthquake if Umbral or Smoldering Imps are present. Always take your time to interrupt one of them at least as the healing and positioning of the Imps may become problematic.
  • When she starts casting Agatha's Fury with the shield over her, use all your spells on her to interrupt it as soon as possible.
  • Priority for Maelstrom Usage here is Earth Shock on Agatha alone and Earthquake if Imps are found close to her. If imps are pretty far from Agatha and are one of our top priorities, burst them down with Earth Shock.
  • Once the Boulders drop and start rolling, dodge the first one and go back behind it so the other two won't be a problem. Gust of Wind will make this task easy as you can get from left to right in less than a second.
  • If an Umbral Imp appears, target it directly with Chain Lightning as Agatha will be immune to all damage and it may represent a DPS loss.
  • Remember that the damage will be there, you just need to manage cooldowns, control the imps, focus on priorities and dodge boulders.
  • Remember to use Fire Elemental on cooldown and Earth Elemental may also prove useful as it will taunt Smoldering Imps giving you a breathing moment for Healing Surges to come in.
  • The Challenge scales with item level but not traits. Be sure to bring at least trait 36 to deal with this and have moderate item level. The Challenge scales but better trinkets and increased stats always prove useful.
  • Always check where Boulders are coming from!

We hope that these tips and explanation of the Elemental Shaman Challenge will aid you in conquering it! Next posts will cover up the Enhancement and Restoration Shaman Challenges.

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Mage Tower Challenge - Rehgar’s Legacy
The new Artifact Appearance: Rehgar’s Legacy

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