Destiny 2 Beyond the Light

published on 2020-08-02
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There is a newfangled influence born out of an ancient pyramid ship above the frozen frontier of Europa. A dark empire is rising from beneath united under Eramis the fallen Kell. Join your fellow Guardians and bring down the dark empire at any cost even if it means wielding the darkness itself. Before we dive in and face our destiny we should gear up and get armed to the teeth here for the most reliable and effective boosting.

All geared up to go beyond the light and challenge the new adventures of Destiny 2 beyond the light, which is dropping on November 10th this year. The expansion has a new location named Europa which is a moon off the planet Jupiter. Europa a snowy wasteland that is the birthplace of the "EXO" android race, where there is a mysterious pyramid ship covered by the snow. Unknown alien ships have been spotted shuttling to Europa, the enemies seem to be a mixture of new evils and fallen characters like shank the fallen Captain. The new enemies are encased in some kind of ice, considering that Europa is an ice rock wilderness they seem to have adapted to their environment.

Destiny 2 beyond the light's most electrifying prospects of this game is the new damage type that is going to get you hooked up to and help you go beyond the light. The new damage called stasis seems to cause big shifts in the meta and vary on how you use it in combat. You can use this element in a different way like creating a stasis field for protection or slowing down your enemies and even shattering your foes with destructive force. The stasis element has its subclass adding to the earlier version of arc, solar and void elements. You will be enabled to wield and control the darkness power by the help of stasis, an ability that has been requested numerous times by the destiny community.

The teaser is out, finally by the look of it my ooh my it's a killer game, with graphics that other universes can only dream of. We have brighter days ahead of us that's for sure, it's time for you to tag along if you aren't a member of destiny 2 universes because the good news is the destiny cosmos is vast enough for all of us. Despite the gloomy dull reality, we are facing courtesy of COVID-19, Bungie's, and CO have brightened our 2020 with the release of Destiny 2 beyond the light. I know you're thinking that's incredible right? That's not all they went a notch higher and made the campaign for 2021 with the release of THE WITCH QUEEN expansion. For the year 2022, we shall be graced by the LIGHTFALL expansions and the exquisiteness of it is that the three expansion all trace the same story. This is a good thing for a player because it provides us with fluidity since it's a continuous story from beyond the light to the lightfall expansion.

I am impressed by the way they implemented the cross-play in various platforms and even jumping to the next-gen as a gamer. The ability to retain players' progress to the next-gen is remarkable and comes in handy with Ps 5 and Xbox Series X coming out in later days of 2020. The icing on this destiny 2 beyond the light cake is that you won't pay a single coin for jumping to the next-gen which is a good gesture thanks to the Destiny 2 developers. Then there is the brilliant idea of locking the less played aspect of the game in the (DCV) destiny content Vault which will reduce the game size in respect of downloading the game and updates.

Another exciting thing is the Vault of Glass raid, yes players! It's back the most iconic raid in destiny cosmos. Let's get our sense of discovery back as we head back to the vault and discover new environments and how to tackle the problems that come with it while enjoying the epic adventure. There is also the potential to bring back other raids such as the Vog, Kings fall, Septic Strikes, and the Cosmodrome if the Vault wasn't your preferred over time.

Weapon and armor sunsetting also caught my attention, now I am curious about the kind of exotic armor and weapon available which gets me excited. These may not be a so positive move; some gamers may feel disappointed when they lose their previous artilleries that were quite hard and time consuming to acquire. My take on this new Destiny expansion is that they have worked hard to incorporate all platforms, this is a good thing because some may prefer the keyboard, while others the pad but at destiny 2 beyond the light we are all welcome.

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