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A brand-new season of Apex Legends has arrived, and MythicBoost has all the details to walk you through it. Master the newest iteration of World's End, max out that Battle Pass, rack up kills with the brand-new Sentinelsniper rifle, and drop in with the newest Apex Legend, the Revenant!

World's EndRework

Apex Legends developers are shaking up your gameplay with changes to World's End,the newest map introduced during Season 3. The biggest – and most dangerous! – addition to the map is the Planet Harvester brought to you by in-game bad guys Hammond Robotics. Be careful to avoid the laser beaming from its top! It will be the end of your team in a flash.

Capitol City, one of the hottest drops in World's End, has also undergone some radical changes. The entire region has split in two, with a lava-filled crevice slicing the Capitol down the middle. Feel free to jump in, however – the steam spurting from the crevice will glide you to the opposite side of the previously-pristine Capitol City for the small price of some health points.

Finally, check out the new Survey Campdrop location between Epicenterand Skyhook. Have you ever risked it all in a high-pressure drop zone, only to die to a squad who grabbed all the guns before you? At the Survey Camp, you'll find ample weapons on new Weapon Rackswhich are 100% stocked every game.

Mastering the changes to World's Endtakes time. Looking for a boost? Check out our premier Apex coaching services and learn from the most seasoned Apex Legends gamers around.

The Battle Pass

With Season 4 of Apex Legends, 110 Levels of sweet rewards are available in the new Battle Pass. Some of our favourites include the Blue Steel Crypto, Cyber Punked Watson, and Health Sink Flatline skins. However, with MythicBoost, you can get around the levelling requirements and max out your Battle Pass fast.
Sniper Rifle: Sentinel

The newest addition to the Apex Legends arsenal is the Sentinelsniper rifle. Not only can this bolt-action powerhouse drop foes from afar, but with a Shield Battery handy, you can also charge the Sentinel for even more stopping power! Charging this gun allows you to rip through enemy shields with ease before going for the kill. But, be careful – charging the Sentinelconsumes a Shield Battery and can leave you vulnerable in a pinch!

Newest Legend: Revenant

Once a hitman for Hammond Robotics, Revenantroams the Outlands looking to kill those who turned him into a half-machine, half-human automaton of death. Playing as Revenantunleashes the full force of his other-worldly assassin abilities to your control.

Passive Ability: Stalker

Crouch walk faster and climb up higher on walls

Tactical Ability: Silence

Toss a gadget that deals damage and disables enemy abilities for 10 seconds

Ultimate Ability: Death Totem

Revenant drops a Death Totem at his location. If your health reaches zero, teleport back to the Death Totem with 1 health.

The Revenant specializes in sneaking up on his enemies, dealing lethal damage, and disappearing without a trace. Bummed about having to get Badges for Revenant all over again? Skip the grind and try out our services for a change.
Stay tuned for more information about Apex Legends Season 4, including new Apex Boosts at, so you can be the best Apex Predator around!

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