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Totally worth it. 2 hrs of coaching and seems I learned a lot. Great communications as well
Bought Apex coaching last week with mythic boost for XBOX. I played with them for 5 hours at my convenience. Their players are very patient, and I would say I've learned a lot. Would definitely do it again! C <3
1-on-1 advice and coaching with one of our expert Apex professionals
Choose a time that works with your schedule
Target the skills you want to improve most

Learn from the best Apex Predators for the lowest price on the market. You'll be amazed with the power of our Apex Coaching Boost!

Want to work on your movement? Looking to master your favourite Legend? Need pointers on the top loadouts and drop locations? Look no further than MythicBoost's Apex Legends Boosting Services. We have the best Apex professionals in the world looking to teach you their skills. Everyone needs a good mentor to be the best, and at MythicBoost, you're in good hands. Give us a shot and we'll help you climb the ranks in no time.

What you will receive:

  1. Dedicated coaching services from one of our top Apex Legends professionals for as long as you desire
  2. Ability to plan your Apex Coaching Boost for a time that works with your schedule
  3. Custom coaching services to fit exactly what you want to learn

Having the best Apex Boost strategies on the market doesn't come easy. MythicBoost has expertly served thousands of satisfied customers across numerous games and platforms. Our Apex professionals train and learn every day to bring you the best Apex Coaching Services on the planet, guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What can I learn with my Apex Coaching Boost?
    1. Anything you desire! Our Apex professionals know the best loadouts and drop locations, perfect movement strategies, how to get more kills and wins, and more.
  2. How long can I use my Apex Coaching Boost for?
    1. However long you want. Select your preferred length of time and we'll work with you to find a time that works with your schedule
  3. Am I eligible for the Apex Coaching Boost?
    1. You only need one thing to learn from the best at MythicBoost – a willingness to work hard and improve! From new players to experienced Apex Predators, anyone can access our Apex Coaching Boost if they have the nerve to learn.

Be the best, today! Give MythicBoost's Apex Boosting Services a shot and learn from the top Apex players in the world.

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