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published on 2021-12-06
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Online multiplayer games have become the norm nowadays, with games like Apex Legends boasting over 100 million players, these games are -most likely than not- going to be part of your life, or that of someone you’re close with. And for good reason, games like these have rewards you can strive for, competitive game modes and rankings to keep you trying to go ever higher. It’s no wonder the video game industry is so big, and still growing.

Obtaining some of these rewards and rankings (like anything else in life) takes time, getting good enough to get to master rank in Apex Legends, for example, takes an awful lot of practice and a good team. Time is a commodity though, and the vast majority of the player base doesn’t have the time to spend grinding hundreds of hours away to get to the professional levels that some of these achievements require. Obviously, your time is better spent somewhere else, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out, boosting can help you experience the best out of Apex Legends.


A boosting service is, simply put, a place where you can get the help from a group of seasoned professionals, whose sole job is to spend those hundreds of hours honing their skills and learning the ins and outs of the game. When it comes to Apex Legends, the boosters are players in the predators list (The top 750 ranked players of each platform), these players have been through it all, every badge, the ranking system and even arenas, and they have the teams to help you get your account or legends to wherever you want them to be.

These boosting services usually employ tens of these professional players (sometimes even hundreds), and they help them bridge the gap between player and booster. Working as an intermediary between them, bridging language barriers and putting both parties in contact to facilitate the service.


These boosting services were born to help those players who lack the time in their lives to keep up with live-service, or seasonal games such as Apex Legends. These games require you to play quite a few hours every season or else miss out on a lot of good stuff, which makes sense, developers want you to play their game. However, a lot of us have jobs, families and other responsibilities in our lives that may prevent us from putting the time necessary to achieve all we want in our favorite games.

To give an example, the average Apex player might be able to make it to gold rank on a given season spending weeks and weeks grinding it out, while players who regularly make it into the predator list might take a day to reach diamond rank. So, if this regular player has been trying to reach diamond for 3 seasons already and is very close in the current season, but due to work they can’t play when they need to and the season is about to end, one of these professionals would be able to help them make that final push.


This question is a bit harder to answer, the price of any Apex Legends boost will be changing depending on the amount of people that can do them, their availability, the amount of people looking for it, how far along is a season or how close a new season is of starting, the time and amount of people required to complete the achievement, etc. It is a very dynamic market and it’s not uncommon for prices to change on a weekly or even daily basis.

But ultimately what it will come down to for the regular player is the amount of hours that would be spent chasing that badge or rank you’re looking for. Would it be worth it for you to spend 100 hours practicing and trying to make it to diamond rank across a few seasons or to pay for a professional to get it done for you in a day or two? The choice is up to you.


What you get from getting an Apex Legends boost is ultimately a subjective gain, it can be that you simply want to have a decent banner on your main legends, reach a rank in the game to try your hand at higher skilled lobbies, find a team to tackle these high-skill lobbies, grind some levels to get packages or even raise your K/D ratio. The main idea of this service is to improve your gaming experience and help you feel comfortable with your account.

Another thing that might be good comes from something a good friend of mine told me about a few months ago -this ties-in with the hours spent topic I mentioned before- it saves you time and time is money. Just think about it, if you make $20 an hour and you have to spend 50 hours grinding to make it to Diamond 4, that’s $1000 worth of your time that you’re spending in the game. But if a professional can do it for you in a matter of a few hours for $200, you’re ultimately saving yourself time and money and spending that extra time just playing with your friends or having quality time for your family.


I can tell you from a year and some of experience working closely with boosting, that the whole thing is just a group of people trying to make a living. You’ll find hardworking people that are happy to help players who may be missing out on the parts of the game that made them fall in love with it, or simply enjoy running their favorite activities with new people and friends. These are the place you’ll want to flock to, since it is in the best interest for these players to do a good job boosting your account.

However, there are still bad apples in pretty much anything there is in life, some people who try to take stuff from your account or even take it. This is a risk that happens in a lot of aspects in life, but you can make sure you don’t fall for these traps. Websites like Trustpilot will help you weed out the bad sites, people’s experiences are always the safest way to know. Other things that will help you keep your account safe is regularly changing your password between boosts.

Some boosters and sites also offer streaming options, so you can see how the booster performs the service, some services can be carries too, meaning that you will be running with a team like rank boosts for example. There are also some that won’t be able to be carries -like badges for example-, for those services the streaming option is your best bet.

Ultimately, the best way to make sure your account and your gaming experience is in the best hands is working with companies that have been around for a long time. Why try your luck with the newest places if people have already done so? Sites like Mythic Boost here have been proven to deliver and to be safe, and this is how boosting services keep working for years and years.

The choice of boosting your account or your gaming experience is up to you, but if you end up deciding boosting is for you, know that from experience I can recommend sites like Mythic Boost to make sure you don’t regret it.

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