How to Prepare for WoW Classic

published on 2019-08-16
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The long awaited World of Warcraft Classic is about to be released. If you are wondering what steps you can take to prepare for this upcoming release, I have got you covered. Today I will go over everything that I found valuable. This article is split up into categories for easier navigation.

Setting up personal life first

If you plan on taking WoW Classic seriously, it is important that you set up your real life first so you are able to grind the game as much as you would like. If you have responsibilities which most of us probably do since we are not teenagers anymore, we can not just play 14 hours a day anymore, unfortunately. So it will be important to know how much time you are able to spend on a daily basis, to play. So square off all of the things you need to attend to, pay off all your bills, spend time with family & friends, go to the gym, et cetera. So you are not stressing over anything and you can fully immerse yourself into the WoW Classic experience. If you have some vacation days for work saved up, use some of them for the first few days of the release. It is better to just set aside the time to play the game, versus trying to balance all these other things at once. It will just over burdan you to try and do everything at once. Also stock up on some food supplies, if you can cook. If you do not know how to cook, you should get some prepped meals and store them in your fridge/freezer, do not get fast food everyday. Once you have fully set yourself up to enjoy Classic WoW while also not bailing on all of your other life responsibilities let's move into the actual game itself.

Choosing a Character/Main

Choosing your character or main is arguably one of the most important decisions you will make in Classic WoW. The reason is because this experience is nothing like World of Warcraft today. Classic World of Warcraft is not made for the weak spirited. You have to spend a lot of time into each character to get them to where you want them to be. There is no level 110 character boost, you have to grind, and grind hard for every level your character gets. Just the leveling process alone will probably make a lot of players leave the game within the first month. Which is why it is important you pick a class that you actually enjoy, so you do not get bored very easily. Just getting to level 20 takes a while, so if you get to level 20 and realize you do not like your class, that is a lot of time wasted that you now have to go back and fix. Which is why I strongly recommend you to play a class that you have already played before, that you know you enjoy. However if you have only ever played once class, for example the Death Knight which will not be available in Classic WoW, you should really start doing your research and watching videos on other classes to see what peaks your interest.
It is also important that you decide what race/server you will be playing on, and that your friends are all on the same page. You will need to make sure you like the way your character looks, if you absolutely hate how orcs look, but all of your friends wants to be on, I would really recommend picking the class you enjoy looking at and meeting up with them later. If you are grinding the game hours a time and if you do not like the way your character looks, it just puts a negative light on to the game which is obviously not ideal, you should enjoy looking at your character as you progress it. Secondly your reputation is very important in Classic WoW. Which is why it is important you are friendly to everyone, and helpful. If you have a bad reputation on your server, and you do not have friends you can play with, all I can say is good luck. It will be hard for you to find a group to run dungeons, raids, and joining a guild will be difficult. There is no looking for group feature in Classic WoW so it is crucial that you have people to play with or can easily find some to play with. I recommend just viewing everyone as a resource. Ask yourself what can you benefit from this person by having them on your friends list, can they tank for you, spawn a teleport for you, maybe loan you some gold when needed, who knows but just give everyone a chance.


In Classic WoW there is a total of 60 levels that you will need to overcome before you can start playing the end-game content. This process will be a long and tedious experience if you let it be. You should really try your best to have a group of friends that you can level with, on day one all the way to the end. Not only will being able to chat with your friends make the process more enjoyable, but it will also have increased experience rates. NOW that being said, I do not want it to sound like, if you're alone, just quit. That is not what I am saying, but if you can find some people to play with, literally anyone - just do it. Now if you actually enjoy the leveling process, questing and traveling around the map by yourself then by all means DO THAT, at the end of the day it is a video game, do what you find enjoyable. If you absolutely hate leveling, you can always Buy WoW Classic Leveling from us here at we will offer a secure, efficient and legitimate service. Now when finally decide on the class, faction, race and server of your character it is important to start outlining how you will be making gold to afford things. Getting gold in Classic WoW is a hell of a lot harder, than it is in retail. You will not be getting a mount until level 40, and if you are not playing Warlock or Paladin you will not be receiving a class mount, so it is important to know how much gold it cost, and how you will make that gold and saving it up.

End Game

Now whether you have been playing WoW since the beginning or this is literally your first time ever playing, there is something for everyone when you finally reach max level. First you will need to decide what role interests you the most, damage, tanking or healing. Next you need to decide what kind of playstyle you like, do you like PvP or PvE. If you like PvP it is important that you learn how to effectively play your class against other classes, since you are not versing monsters that are predictable, instead versing real players you will have to understand all of the classes abilities and what they are, so you know how to counter them and interact with the opponent when faced with certain situations. If PvE is what you fancy, then you will need to find a guild in which you can raid with. You will then need to decide what role you will be playing within that group, will you be a shotcaller, a leader, a regular member, the list goes on. But what you decide to play affects what you are, tanks and healers are usually shot callers as they can see everything that is going on and have to relay the most important information, everyone can not be talking our it will be impossible to get stuff done. Once you have figured all of this out, the rest is honestly just going to come through playing the game. There is only so much preparation you can do before you need to just play the game.

I hope you all enjoyed this article, and if you need help with any Classic WoW related services we have got you covered!

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