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Vicious Saddle Boost


Riding in WoW is a core mechanic of the game, you can't really walk places anymore, it'd take forever. But getting your hands on a mount that matches your style and looks frankly amazing can be quite the time-consuming challenge. Not to mention incredibly frustrating, depending on the content.

The Vicious Saddle Boost service will make sure you get the chance to pick from one of BFA's best looking mounts for your collection. With the added bonus that you get either 100 arena wins or 40 rated battleground victories in the character of your choice.

Just let the Mythic Boost team when your character is available and they'll make sure your Vicious Saddle Boost service is done flawlessly.

Show off your PVP skill and ride along with style on your new mounts with our Vicious Saddle Boost service.


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