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Vex Mythoclast Boost


Ever wanted to get your hands on the very first raid-exclusive exotic weapon in all of Destiny? Want to see what’s all the fuss about the famous Vault of Glass fusion rifle? Don’t spend your days running the raid over and over in hopes for a drop, let the experts do it for you in a fraction of the time with our Vex Mythoclast Destiny 2 Boost service.

Get a group of Destiny 2 professionals with many years of experience in Destiny help you run through the vault of glass, take down Atheon and get your hands on that raid exotic weapon the fastest and easiest way possible. All wee need to know is what time and day works best for your busy schedule and our team will make sure your Vex Mythoclast Destiny 2 Boost service is done in no time.

Use the Vex’s own arsenal against them and mow them down with the newest raid exotic using Mythic Boost’s Vex Mythoclast Destiny 2 Boost service.

This service is for a drop of Vex Mythoclast Destiny 2, no specific roll is guaranteed. This service may take more than one raid run.


  • 1300+ Power required
    If you don't have this requirement, get it here.



  • How to get the Vex Mythoclast?
    Answer: The Vex Mythoclast is a Vault of Glass raid exclusive exotic drop, meaning you have a chance to get it from the chest after the Atheon fight (So, only from the last encounter of the raid) once a week for every character of different classes. This is, of course, a rather small chance for it to drop, though Bungie has implemented a bad luck protection system that gives you an increased percentage for the drop rate for every time it hasn’t dropped. However, the increase in the drop rate is not too big so it can still take upwards of a couple dozen runs to drop -or it can drop from the first one if you are that lucky-. If you don’t have the team, or don’t want to run Atheon a bunch of times, we also offer raid runs and the weapon itself.

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