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Ordeal or No Deal Triumph Boost


  • The desired amount of Ordeal Strikes completed
  • Legendary and Rare Vanguard drops
  • XP to your Season Pass


  • 1000+ Power level
    If you don't have this requirement, get it here.


Complete the number of ordeals you need with our Ordeal or No Deal Triumph Boost service. The team of Destiny 2 experts at Mythic Boost will ensure you complete your ordeals with ease and have your triumph in no time.

Get the Legendary and Rare gear that comes with the ordeals and obtain XP for your season pass. Pick whether you want to play along with our Guardians or simply let our team do the work for you while you're busy at work. There's even a priority option to get it done as fast as possible.

Simply choose the schedule you want your Ordeal or No Deal Triumph Boost and our team will take care of everything.

Complete the strikes fast and easy with our new Ordeal or No Deal Triumph boost service and get a lead on this seasons Moments of Triumph.


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