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Leviathan Raid Boost


  • Unique gear and weapons from Eater of Worlds
  • Chance to get an Exotic
  • Rare and Legendary Engrams
  • Emperor Calus tokens to level up Emperor reputation
  • 3 special chests will be opened for you


  • 280+ Power level
    If you don't have this requirement, get it here.


Want to see what classic Destiny 2 looks like? Go through the first raid in the game and see what the trials Emperor Calus had in store for the guardians? Mythic Boost's fireteam of expert Destiny 2 players will run you through this sprawling monster of a raid and guide you through every step.

The Leviathan Raid Boost service will provide you with everything you need to enjoy Emperor Calus' first trials and obtain all the rewards that come with it, including the ones from hidden chests and the reputation with the emperor himself. Get all the raid gear you want from this raid and a unique emblem to show off.

Just let us know what time and day works best for you, and if you want to come with the fireteam or let them do the work for you and our team will ensure your Leviathan Raid Boost service is completed.

Go down memory lane and complete the iconic first Destiny 2 raid with our Leviathan Raid Boost service.

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