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Iron Banner Armor Set Boost


  • Iron Fellowship Helmet
    Condition: If option Iron Fellowship Helmet selected
  • Iron Fellowship Gauntlets
    Condition: If option Iron Fellowship Gauntlets selected
  • Iron Fellowship Chest Armor
    Condition: If option Iron Fellowship Chest Armor selected
  • Iron Fellowship Leg Armor
    Condition: If option Iron Fellowship Leg Armor selected
  • Iron Fellowship Class Item
    Condition: If option Iron Fellowship Class Item selected
  • Iron Banner Weapons (Power Cap: 1360)
  • Iron Banner Tokens
  • Powerful Gear
  • Season Pass and Artifact XP
  • Bonus Valor points


  • 1030+ Power level
    If you don't have this requirement, get it here.


Get ready for your endgame activities with the 60+ stats armor that the Iron Banner Set Boost provides. Mythic Boost's Destiny 2 pros will run the Iron Banner event for you and earn all the armor pieces you need to gear up for your favorite endgame content. Get the equipment you need as fast as you need it and only worry about the content you want to run.

Pick the schedule that works best for you and our team of Destiny 2 experts will ensure your Iron Banner Set Boost will be done during the most convenient time.

Push your setup towards endgame material with the Iron Banner Set Boost and let our Destiny 2 experts farm it for you.

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