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Each year with the coming of the Festival of the Lost, bungie releases new cosmetic masks to put on your event armor. This year brings quite a few good ones like the Exo Stranger mask or even the Variks mask. However, obtaining all of these can take many, many hours of grinding and haunted forest runs. Don’t spend your free time running this event endlessly, let us do the grinding for you with our new Festival of the Lost Mask Farm service.

Our team of veteran Destiny 2 players will join up in a fireteam, and run activities and open chests in the haunted forests non-stop until you get the masks you desire. Best of all, you get Legendary loot and a chance at a roll for the new perks in the Horror Story and the Braytech Werewolf.

There’s no time to waste, just tell us what schedule works best for you and your Festival of the Lost Mask Farm service will be done in no time.

Become the master of the masks and have all the mask cosmetics for this year’s Festival with our Festival of the Lost Mask Farm service.


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