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EAZ Completion Farm Boost


  • Solstice Key Fragments
  • Solstice Packages
  • Legendary gear, Enhancement Cores and Materials
  • XP for your Season Pass and Artifact


  • 900+ Power level
    If you don't have this requirement, get it here.


The European Aerial Zone is this Solstice's new zone and it's a fun one at that. Taking down mini bosses just for the hell of it and going after loot chests when you've made it through the event is a fun activity. But it can get pretty repetitive, and even frustrating if you don't know where the chests spawn. Luckily, we have the EAZ Completion Farm service for you.

Mythic Boost has gathered up a team of veteran Destiny 2 players to guide you through this event's new activities. They are dedicated players who can carry you through it and show you where the chests are, or if you're too busy to run the event they can do it for you so you can reap all the rewards. Get all the Solstice Key Fragments and Solstice Packages you want.

Just let our team know when you or your account is available and we'll make sure whatever amount of EAZ Completion Farm runs you ordered are done in no time.

Make the best out of Solstice and obtain all EAZ rewards with our new EAZ Completion Farm service.

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