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Bonechiller God Roll Farm Boost


Want to see why slug shotguns have been seeing a lot more use? Want to have a special legendary weapon that can deal out a sustained 41k+ DPS? Forget about your old First in Last Out shotgun, get yourself the newest DPS beast with our Bonechiller God Roll Farm service.

Mythic Boost’s team of Destiny 2 professionals will farm Europa endlessly until they can get their hands on your god roll, so you don’t have to spend your free time running the same content for hours, days or even weeks. Best part of it all, other new weapon drops for you to enjoy.

Simply let us know what schedule works best for you and our team will make dure your Bonechiller God Roll Farm is done in no time.

Get your hands on one of the best legendary special weapons for DPS in the game with Mythic Boost’s Bonechiller God Roll Farm service.



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