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Beyond Light Campaign Boost


  • Beyond Light Campaign completed
  • Power Level increase
  • New Exotic
  • New Armor and Weapons
  • Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact level


  • 1050+ Power Level
    If you don't have this requirement, get it here.
  • Beyond Light Expansion


The story campaigns in Destiny 2 can be quite the epic and entertaining experiences, but sometimes you don’t want to go through them three times counting your alts, or maybe you just want the rewards at the end fast but don’t have the time to grind those story missions. Mythic Boost has created the Beyond Light Campaign Boost service for you so you don’t have to.

Our team of Destiny 2 experts will fly through the Beyond Light story campaign so you can get the completion and rewards as fast as humanly possible. No need to repeat content in your free time, they’ll all be done while you’re busy doing something else so you can come back and enjoy your favorite activities.

Just let us know what schedule works best for you and we’ll make sure your Beyond Light Campaign Boost service is done in no time.

Complete the story campaign for the new Destiny 2 expansion in a moment with Mythic Boost’s Beyond Light Campaign Boost service.


This service is rated 5 out of 5 according to 2 reviews.

Fast delivery, great communications!
Heya! The booster completed the campaign in about 3,5 hours. Definitely worth your money. Highly recommended to anyone!
Asian Dude

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To enjoy a quick, professional and 100% legitimate service, order here today!

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