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Apex Rank Boost


  • Desired Rank
  • High Stats during the match
  • Experience to raise your account Level
  • Seasonal ranked rewards such as Dive Trail and Account Badge
  • Some badges and quests may be completed during the boost


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Want to be a Master in Apex Legends? Become a legend in Ranked matches and brag about your K/D ratio? Look no further. Mythic Boost’s team of Apex Legends professionals are here to get through the grindy part of pushing your rank up so you can play the game the way you’re supposed to, fighting against players your skill level.

You’ll of course get whatever comes from the packs, the experience for your account and whatever seasonal rewards are earned during the Apex Rank Boost service. So why spend your free time grinding when our team can do the grinding for you while you’re busy?

All we need to know is the schedule that works best for you and your Apex Rank Boost service will be done ASAP.

Rise through the ranks and boost about your Master rank to all your friends with Mythic Boost’s Apex Rank Boost service.


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Excellent Service
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Excellent Service
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Excellent Service
2024-06-15 - Verified Review
Excellent Service
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Thank you, so much appreciated! Rckr was awesome, will definitely use your service again!
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Should you trust us?

Here are the facts. We're in the boosting business since 2015, and we started operating as the registered company in 2016 (this can be checked by running a domain age check). In other words, we have about 10 years of experience. Our reputation of safety, transparency, and efficiency (as can be seen from thousands of positive reviews) was built through years of hard work and we intend to keep it. For this reason, you can be assured that your account is in good hands. Our moneyback guarantee ensures that you will get the service as described, or receive a compensation. All our employees are not only selected for their skill level, but also their ability to communicate and their trustworthiness. Identities of our boosters are verified rigorously.

How it works?

Simple! After placing your order, you will receive an email with a link to your private client area. There, we will communicate, schedule your order, and you will get real time progress notifications. There is someone to help you 24/7 in your client area, and on the website chat.


  • How to increase apex rating?
    Answer: To rank up you need to play in the ranked playlist, you will also need to do well in your games, every kill/assist will give you RP (Ranked Points) and being in the top 10 of the matches will also help you rank up. To begin the matches won’t require you to spend RP to enter them, but when you make it to silver rank and beyond you will have to pay RP to enter each match. So the only way to increase your apex rating is to get kills/assists (you’d get 10 RP per) and making it to the top 10 in the match. Making it to top 10 will also give you extra RP per kill/assist but you will only get RP for the first 6 of them. So, for example if you make it to 7th place in a match, you’d get 20 RP and 12 RP per kill/assist. Another very fast and very easy way to increase your rank in apex legends is to get a boost. Mythic Boost offers this service in both piloted and carry form, so that way it can fit your needs in the best way possible. Whether you’re looking to increase your rank quick and are tired of grinding, or want to go with a professional team to learn a bit, we have the best way to increase your apex rating.
  • Apex Legends how to rank up faster?
    Answer: A sure way to rank up quickly is to practice with a team you can comfortably play with, a good team composition will be very useful and good callouts and communication can help a lot in the middle of a fight. Of course, that’s a very simple way to put it. A good team will obviously need good communications and a good composition, however, that would mean you can’t just play the one legend all the time. Being proficient with at least 3 or 4 legends will help you fill in whatever needs the team has. Another way to improve your chances of ranking up in Apex Legends is to look up the settings the predators are using this season, there’s a reason the higher difficulty lobbies all use similar settings. Practicing and getting acquainted with these will help you get the edge on others, hit your shots better and secure your kills. But of course, the fastest way to rank up in apex is to have one of our professional apex legends players get it done for you.
  • How hard is it to get to diamond rank in apex legends?
    Answer: Making it to diamond rank is a massive undertaking. Only close to 6% of the player base is in the diamond rank so it is a very exclusive club. You will definitely need a very good team and an awful lot of practice to get to that rank. The fact that such a low percentage of players ever makes it to the diamond rank is a testament to the difficulty of that achievement. Usually, players that are in the diamond lobbies and higher have a team they know and are very comfortable playing with, have been practicing with very competitive settings and setups, and spend a lot of hours playing the game. If you’re looking to have that rank to show off but don’t have the time to spend grinding endlessly, you can have one of our professional apex players help you get there. They are used to playing in predator lobbies and can get your rating up in a matter of days or even hours (depending on what you’re looking for).
  • How to rank up in Apex Legends?
    Answer: To Rank up in Apex Legends you need to play in the rated version of the game modes, each match will ask you to spend a certain amount of RP to enter (Except in bronze) and you’ll need to get kills/assists and make it to the top 10. This means that depending on how well you do within a match you can also lose some rating (Especially if you leave a match), but since each rank will ask you to spend an increasing amount of rating points (12 RP in silver up to 60 in master and predator) to enter a match and you’ll be progressively playing with better and better players, it can be very difficult to rank up after a certain point. Mythic Boost’s team of apex predators will be happy to help you push past that rank you’ve been trying to get out of.

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Why Mythic Boost?

With all the coaching and boosting services around, you may be wondering: why choose Mythic Boost? The reason is simple: we do more for our customers.

  • We never use cheats or bots. All boosts and carries are done 100% manually.
  • You get 5% of your order total in Mythic Coins. These can be used as store credit on everything at and they never expire!
  • We have developed the Mythic App. It doesn't require any installation and allows you to communicate with us and get progress via push and SMS notifications.
  • With us, transparency is paramount. You are assisted every step of the way and are in direct contact with your boosters. There is someone to assist you 24 / 7.
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