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Whether you want to show off your Master of All Apex Badges, round off your banner, or simply inspire respect to anyone who gazes at it, Mythic Boost has created the service to suit your Apex Needs. Our Apex Legends Badges Boost service is performed by Apex Legends professionals who do apex badges farming on the regular, and are constantly training and researching the best ways to get them.

All we need from you is your schedule and our team we’ll ensure your Apex Legends Badges Boost is completed in no time at all.

Kit out your Banner and show off all your apex badges with Mythic Boost’s Apex Legends Badges Boost service.




  • How to earn badges in Apex Legends?
    Answer: Earning badges in Apex Legends is as simply as equipping legendary skins on legends, or as hard as doing a very specific thing like going through an arena match and having each one in your team gets 8 kills in the match. Badges are awarded for specific achievements in the game, some of them can be easily done solo, like the Deadeye badge or Banner Legend, but a big percentage of them will require you to have a good team you can work with, not to mention some of these will require everyone in your team to do a specific thing during a game. Especially hard would be the higher tier badges like Legend’s Wrath 4 and Legend’s Wake. However, if you’d like to get your favorite legend one of these rare, crazy hard badges, the team of Apex Legends professionals at Mythic Boost will be happy to help you get your hands on it. They are in the predators’ lobbies and will help you get your badge in a matter of a few hours.
  • Apex Legends how to get wrath badge?
    Answer: Getting a legends wrath badge will take some practice, a team that can help you make it through fights, a decent loadout that you can use for long, middle and short-range fights and always going for hot drop zones. All of this is obviously a simplified way to put it, you will obviously need to put in some hours to practice for this badge. Hitting your shots and winning fights is something that’s going to be integral to farming damage for your legends wrath badge, that’s why having a good weapon for long/middle range fights (even if it’s just to hit a couple shots from afar to get some extra damage), and one you’re comfortable with for short range ones will be a must for your badge. Dropping in zones that are always crowded and rotating towards other popular zones during the game will also help you be in fights throughout the whole game, which you’d definitely want to do. Games can feel so short when you’re trying to farm damage. And if you don’t have the time to go through all of this for days and days at a time, our team of Apex Legends experts can get whichever badge you want for you in a matter of a few hours.
  • How to get 4k damage badge in Apex?
    Answer: Getting the 4k damage badge will take a little extra work than a normal legends wrath, it will take an extremely good partner to help you farm the damage so you can go in a duo to a trios lobby to have more people to take down. The trick to getting a 4k damage badge is to be able to win your fights with just one person in a trios lobby, keeping in mind all the other thins you have to do to farm a normal legends wrath badge. You will have to be comfortable with your loadout and actively look for fights in the most populated zones. Another way to farm your damage is to get some people downed and wait for their teammates to get them up. This is one of the hardest badges to obtain, it’s a badge that maybe 10% of the player base has (if that) so you can be sure it will be a massive undertaking. If you don’t have time to spend weeks farming lobbies (and even then, maybe more practicing with different loadouts), here at Mythic Boost we have a team of professional apex predators to get it for you in a matter of a few hours, and best of all in your favorite legend too.

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