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Rack up EPIC amounts of kills in Apex Legends with our Apex Kills Boost. Getting kills rapidly and efficiently requires dedicated Apex professionals, and at MythicBoost, we have them ready to get kills for you!

How many times have you loaded into a match, only for your hope to disappear when you see the 1453 kills another player has with their Bangalore? Isn't it time for you to make other players feel like that? With our Apex Kills Boost, you can finally be the hulking god of destruction you always dreamed! Choose your Legend, pick your kills, and our expert Apex professionals will rack up your kill count.

What you will receive

  1. Kills, kills, and more kills! You choose how many.
  2. Anything else we acquire on your account through normal play
  3. A dedicated time slot that works with your schedule

MythicBoost has a dedicated community of thousands of gamers who have chosen to be the best. With the best Apex Boosting Services on the planet, you're in good hands!

Are you ready to rack up those kills? Give MythicBoost's Apex Boosting Services a shot!


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