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Incursion Builds


Incursion DPS Build (Striker)

  • Weapon Slot #1: St. Elmo's Engine Assault Rifle
  • Weapon Slot #2: ACS-12 Shotgun
  • Specialization: Survivalist | Gunner
  • Gear Configuration: 4x Striker + Coyote's Mask + Fox's Prayer
  • Chest Talent: Press the Advantage (Striker Chest)
  • Backpack Talent: Risk Management (Striker Backpack)
  • Skill Slot #1: Crusader Ballistic Shield
  • Skill Slot #2: Reviver Hive
  • Core Attribute: Full red build (weapon damage rolls)
  • Gear Rolls: Crit hit chance & Crit hit damage
  • Gear Mods: Crit hit chance & Crit hit damage

Incursion Healer Build

  • Weapon Slot #1: Designated Hitter with "Perfect Reformation" talent
  • Weapon Slot #2: Scorpio Shotgun
  • Specialization: Survivalist
  • Gear Configuration: 4x Future Initiative + BTSU Datagloves + 1x Murakami | 1x Hana-U
  • Chest Talent: Technical Superiority (from Future Initiative Chest)
  • Backpack Talent: Strategic Combat Support (from Future Initiative Backpack)
  • Skill Slot #1: Reinforcer Chem Launcher
  • Skill Slot #2: Restorer Hive
  • Core Attribute: Full yellow build (for max skill tiers)
  • Gear Rolls: Repair Skills & Skill Haste
  • Gear Mods: Repair Skills

Incursion Tank Build

  • Weapon Slot #1: Liberty Pistol
  • Weapon Slot #2: Assault Rifle or SMG
  • Specialization: Demolitionist
  • Gear Configuration: 4x Foundry Bulwark + Tardigrade Chest + 1x Belstone
  • Chest Talent: Ablative Nano-Plating (from Tardigrade Chest)
  • Backpack Talent: Process Refinery (from Foundry Bulwark Backpack)
  • Skill Slot #1: Bulwark Ballistic Shield
  • Skill Slot #2: Reviver Hive
  • Core Attribute: Full blue build (for max armor)
  • Gear Rolls: Armor Regen or Explosive Resistance
  • Gear Mods: Protection From Elites


  • Division 2 account with a level 40 character



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awesome work guys! good energy and very trustworthy!
2024-03-25 - Verified Review
Best boosting Service. Very fast
2024-03-20 - Verified Review
Extremely fast and amazing service
2023-12-24 - Verified Review
Efficienty work, Incredible client services, fait delivery , thanks so much guys!
2023-11-28 - Verified Review
I was very happy with the services as they handled my request fast and justly. The only discrepancy I had is I lost all my custom ALC settings due to my helper of course needing to use his own. No problem there. However not setting it back to what it was or at least notifying me of this change would have alerted me to take pictures of my settings. So now my settings are lost and I can’t remember them. I’d recommend taking photos of your settings and still moving forward with the service just for insurance. Overall I’m satisfied with my purchase, I now have to spend another month or so fine tuning my settings again.
2023-10-21 - Verified Review

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