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Want to have endgame profession recipes for Naxxramas? Tired of killing mobs for hour on end in the Plaguelands? Can’t see another Scourgestone anymore? Don’t worry, we’ll do that for you with our Argent Dawn Reputation Farm service. Whether you’re looking for ice resistance armor for Naxxramas, the mantle of dawn enchantments or any other recipe from this faction, our service will get you to your desired reputation level faster than anyone else.

You don’t need to spend your free time killing zombies and skeletons in the Plaguelands, farming for Scourgestones or delivering materials to giant cauldrons, Mythic Boost’s team of World of Warcraft professionals will do that for you, so you can spend your free time doing what you enjoy instead of grinding forever.

Become the bane of the Scourge and get all the mantle of dawn reputation enchants with Mythic Boost’s Argent Dawn Reputation Farm service.


  • Condition: Example of a reward by reaching Exalted standing
  • Access to epic craft patterns from Craftsman Omarion
    Condition: Exalted/Revered standing required


  • Character level 60
    If you don't have this requirement, get it here.
  • Account Sharing


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