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Account Packs

Our Account Pack Boosts will be completed in a super efficient manner, and done professionally with your security our #1 priority! You will receive tons of achievement progression as well as gear, artifact power tokens, gold and much more!

Most likely by now you have done a ton of questing in the Broken Isles, and want to start gearing your character and raising their item level and bringing it up to their fullest potential, but do not really know the best way of going about getting it.

Here at MythicBoost, we have broken it down to a science to gearing our boosters and our clients characters to the best item levels imaginable, and have them pounding bosses in no time with ease! We completely understand that leveling, gearing and questing can sometimes just be a hassle more than anything, we pride ourselves on our efficiency at leveling and gearing up toons.

In all of these packages, you can expect a variety of rewards, such as achievements, gear, loot and unlock flying plus a lot more, that we know you will enjoy!

Take the worry away with our Account Packs Boost! We do the heavy lifting, and ensure the safest and fastest boost!

WoW Boost Services

17% OFF!

Pathfinder Part 1

$ 74.69
Exalted Nightfallen;
Suramar chapters 11/11;
WQ unlock;
Legion rep farm;
Chapters with other legion zones (Excluding broken shore);
You keep gold, items, gear and currencies!
Requirements: lvl 110;
ETA: 20-25 days.
17% OFF!

Pathfinder Part 2

$ 33.19
Revered with Legionfall;
Exploration of broken shore;
Broken shore opening quest chain;
You keep gold, items, gear and currencies!
Requirements: lvl 110;
ETA: 3-7 days.
17% OFF!

Fresh Character

$ 82.99
Includes 100-110;
3rd relic slot open;
WQ unlock;
Broken shore unlock;
Kirin tor traits unlock;
880+ ilvl worth of gear;
All artifact weapons unlocked (only one spec of choice will be played and invested in);
Minimum friendly + rep with all broken isles fractions;
All LFR wings completed and
most likely 1 legendary;
You keep gold, items, gear and currencies!
Requirements: lvl 100;
ETA: 8-15 days.
Get your Mythic+ Boosts before the weekly reset to obtain your chest!
Time until next reset:
Get your Mythic+ Boost Now!
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