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Operation: Mechagon Boost | WoW Mechagon Dungeon Boost
17.99 USD
Got the mount with these guys. Love from AZ
We will complete all eight bosses of the instance;
Normal and Hard Modes are available;
Completed in Hard mode will get a guaranteed mount - Aerial Unit R-21/X!
One of our professional boosters will fight alongside with you or for you!
Mechagon Dungeon Boost is completed with your account security our #1 priority.

Mechagon Dungeon Boost : REWARDS

  1. 415 item level armor, weapons and trinkets.
  2. 415 item level shoulder and chest Azerite Armor.
  3. 430 item level head Azerite Armor.
  4. Yellow, Red, and Blue Punch Cards.
  5. Vision of Perfection Azerite Essence and Upgrades.


  1. How long will this boost take?
    1. Mechagon Dungeon Boost will take anywhere from one to two hours. Since this dungeon is much larger, hence the name mega dungeon, it will generally take double the length of a regular dungeon.
  2. What does traders mean?
    1. Traders is when we will add 1-2 players from our team of the same armor type, to increase your odds of getting loot. This still does not guarantee anything since it is all RNG based, it will give you better odds.
  3. If I choose piloted, can I watch?
    1. Most of the time, we offer a stream link for you to watch if you so desire. However, depending on your location, since we use VPN it can cause latency issues which will not allow us to stream.

Disclaimer - none of these rewards are guaranteed, as the looting system in World of Warcraft is totally randomized, we are simply stating the type of rewards that you can potentially receive from purchasing this boost!


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Piloted Service Policy : Define "Piloted" - One of our professional players will login to your account and play for you. For this process, we will only need your login email and password.
This will require you to be available, one hour before your boost, as we will need your email verification or mobile authentication to allow us into the account, please be on standby!

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Gaby says:
Are you interested in getting the mount, or to simply complete mech in hard or normal mode?