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WoW Arena Boost | Wow 3v3 Arena Rating Boost Pilot
Your desired character will receive a rating boost ranging from 1500 - 2500, or Gladiator in 3v3 rated arenas;
Your account will be dealt with professionally and safely, to ensure efficient boosting;
Gear can range anywhere from ilvl 340 - ilvl 385+
Alongside any miscellaneous benefits such as gold, artifact power and Marks of Honor;
You will receive Gladiator title, Gladiator achievement and the mount (for Gladiator rating only).

Our piloted services policy - In case of account sharing we only need your login and password. Our boosters always use VPN (your current location). Account privacy and safety guaranteed!

Also please be available for contact at anytime during or before the boosting service. We are always available via skype, discord or customer support for any questions you may have!


In the current BFA PvP reward system, the gear you will receive is dependent and varies based off your current characters rating. The gear received goes as followed.

  1. Tier, Rating, End of Match iLvl, Weekly cache iLvl, Weekly Azerite item iLvl
  2. Unranked, 0 – 1399, item level 340, item level 355, item level 355
  3. Combatant, 1400 – 1599, item level 350, item level 365, item level 355
  4. Challenger, 1600 – 1799, item level 360, item level 370, item level 370
  5. Rival, 1800 – 2099, item level 365, item level 375, item level 370
  6. Duelist, 2100 – 2399, item level 370, item level 380, item level 385
  7. Gladiator, 2400+, item level 375, item level 385, item level 385


Please note, end of match rewards are occasional, for your weekly Azerite item Conquest turn-in, see Marshal Gabriel in the Salt and Shanty Inn near the Ashvane Docks in Boralus or Xander Silberman at Mugambala in Zandalar.

You will loot your weekly cache reward from a chest in that area, these items can Warforge/Titanforge.


Can I watch the boosters play on my account? Most of the time yes, you will be able to watch and observe the boosters playing on your account, but depending on your server location and where our booster is located, latency may be too bad, therefore prohibiting the booster from streaming.

I want self-play, but the rating I want is not offered. Unfortunately there is only so far we can bring you while you are playing on your account, as the higher the rating gets the better communication is required between all players, sadly this will not be available at very high ratings.

Will they play the specialization for my class? Most of the time there will be no issues with us playing your main specialization, although for certain ratings there is just far superior specializations that will allow our boosters to achieve the rating you want, so we may ask you to meet the requirements in a different specialization. Although we do offer packages in our store to assist with this.

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3v3 Arena Rating

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Gear can range anywhere from ilvl 340- ilvl 385+
Potential for random rewards such as artifact power and Marks of Honor, during boost.

2v2 Arena Rating

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Gear can range anywhere from ilvl 340 - ilvl 385+
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Our team will be professional with your account and efficient to ensure good boost.
Hurry! Get your Mythic+ Boost before the weekly reset to obtain your chest!
Time until next reset:
Get your Boost Now!

Mythic Coins

Earn Mythic Coins on every purchase you make in store!

You get 1 Mythic Coin for every 20.00 USD of services purchased in our store. 1 Mythic Coin is equal to 1 USD .
Mythic Coins can be applied on any purchase in our store as if they were real money, and they never expire!

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