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Heroic Uldir Boost VIP Loot | WoW Raid Boost
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Number of Guaranteed Items
Sorry, the service you are looking at now is paused, or off season.
However you may find what you are looking for here .
3-5 or 6-10 loot items
If less than 3 or 6 items, run will be redone!
Uldir, Halls of Control Heroic difficulty boost is now available!
You will be paired alongside the best boosters at our ready to ensure you have the most efficient and secure raiding experience! All 8/8 bosses will be completed on Heroic!
You can expect to receive ilvl 370+ loot from this raid, while of-course having the potential for miscellaneous loot such as, gold, BoE’s & Azerite Power!
You will receive Ahead of the Curve: G’huun.
Please make sure you set aside the time to fully complete this raid if you are not choosing piloted.

Our piloted services policy - In case of account sharing we only need your login and password. Our boosters always use VPN (your current location). Account privacy and safety guaranteed!

Also please be available for contact at anytime during or before the boosting service. We are always available via skype, discord or customer support for any questions you may have!


If you Buy WoW Uldir Heroic Boost, you can expect there to be a variety of rewards to be had from all eight (8) bosses in this instance. You will have the chance to receive item level 370+ gear from all bosses.

Our VIP runs are considered to be one of the best methods for gearing any new toon, as this option will guarantee you 6+ items from the run, when it is completed.

Boss Loot: Item level 370+ from all eight (8) bosses, Khor, Hammer of the Guardian is likely a drop from Taloc as a cosmetic item. Buy WoW Uldir Heroic Boost.
You will now receive armor set based off difficulty and armor type, with the removal of tier sets.

Mounts & Other: Glory of the Uldir Raider rewards Bloodgorged Crawg. you will receive the achievement Ahead of the Curve: G'huun
You will only receive these rewards, if your toon has not completed the follow before.

None of these rewards are guaranteed as the loot system in World of Warcraft is randomized.
See our VIP option for more details for guaranteed number of loot!


What does VIP mean? VIP means we will treat you character with all loot priority for your given class, you are guaranteed to receive 6+ items from the run, which will be traded to you as the items come if convenient or at the end of the run if more convenient. If for any odd reason you do not receive 6 items total, the run will be redone! Buy WoW Uldir Heroic Boost.

How long should the run take? There is many factors that come into the length it takes to complete the run, such as latency issues, server updates, random server maintenance, or for any reason the server goes down. Assuming none of the things happen, our teams have run this raid a plethora of times, so they know the ins and outs, making the raid take anywhere from 1.5-2 hours. Buy WoW Uldir Heroic Boost.

Can they teach me during the raid? During the raid, our team's main priority is completing the raid in an efficient manner, but as long as you watch our players and see what they do during the raid, and check their gear sets, talent priorities, et cetera you can always be learning from then indirectly. Do not be afraid to ask questions! Our team is well versed in all categories of the game and are more than happy to help you out.

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