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Custom Necklace Upgrade Boost


Want to take your Heart of Azeroth necklace to its maximum level? Don't want to farm Azerite endlessly to be able to use Essences or unlock its traits? Our Custom Necklace Upgrade Boost service might just be right for you.

The team of WoW experts at Mythic Boost has leveled up many a necklace so they know the fastest ways to do so. From the fastest ways to farm Azerite to the easiest content to farm it at. They will -of course- make sure you keep all drops, currency and gold acquired in the process.

Schedule your Custom Necklace Upgrade Boost with our team and watch it get done for you in the fastest way possible.

Unlock you Heart of Azeroth's full potential and enjoy the power of its traits with our Custom Necklace Upgrade Boost service.


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