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Stars in Shadow God Roll Farm Boost


Want to get your hands on the newest Crucible pulse rifle? Have a replacement for your Redrix’s Broadsword that can kill Guardians in two bursts? Forget about grinding the crucible for days, or even weeks looking for that perfect god roll, your free time is more valuable than that. Get yourself a team of Destiny 2 professionals to do the boring grind for you with our Stars in Shadow God Roll Farm service, and enjoy your favorite activities instead.

Mythic Boost has designed this service to get you the perfect god roll you’re looking for without having to go through the hassles of doing match after match in the crucible. Simply let us know what schedule works best for you and we’ll make sure your Stars in Shadow God Roll Farm service is done in no time.

Get your hands on the absolute pulse rifle god roll and take down Guardians in two bursts with Mythic Boost’s Stars in Shadow God Roll Farm service.



  • Beyond Light required


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