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PVE Pinnacle Reward Farm


  • Prophecy Dungeon Completion
  • Garden of Salvation Raid + Weekly Challenge
  • Nightfall: The Ordeal – 100K
  • Pit of Heresy (Full Completion)
  • Nightmare Hunt – Master Difficulty
  • Vanguard – Weekly Challenge
  • Gambit – Weekly Challenge
  • A total 11 Pinnacle Rewards
  • New Prophecy Weapons (Not guaranteed)
  • A lot of experience for your Season Pass and Artifact level
  • Raid Gear and Weapons
  • Legendary Gear and Consumable that that might drop during this service


  • 990+ Power level
    If you don't have this requirement, get it here.
  • Shadowkeep DLC


  • Earn the best loot available for PvE in Destiny 2 with the help of your very own Destiny 2 professional!
  • Our community of Destiny 2 gamers train every day so we can farm PVE Pinnacle Rewards efficiently, safely, and with excellence in mind
  • Automate your progress and save time earning Pinnacle PVE rewards through PvE content like The Garden of Salvation with this Destiny 2 Carry
  • All drops acquired through this service are yours to keep, and we encourage you to pick a time for your PVE Pinnacle Reward Farm that works best with your gaming schedule

Automate your PVE Pinnacle Rewards Farm alongside MythicBoost's team of gamers, including the greatest Destiny 2 professionals in the world.


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