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Overall great experience
Great boost. Thank you very much. Now I'm very sure I'll get to master pretty soon if I continue with you guys!
Highly recommend! Got to PREDATOR with mythic apex boost. Thank you guys and Happy New Year!!!
George S.
Become an Apex Master!
Choose how high you want to climb based on your progression needs
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What you will receive:

  1. Increase in Apex Rating to your desired level
  2. Apex Coins, Account Levels, and Battle Pass Levels acquired through normal play
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How high can I boost my Apex Rating?
    1. As high as you want! We can make you an Apex Master, and all it takes is our Apex Rating Boost.
  2. What are the requirements for this Apex Boost?
    1. There are no requirements. Anyone with the free game download can use the Apex Rating Boost!
  3. How long will my Apex Rating Boost take?
    1. This varies depending on your needs and preferences. Please contact our excellent customer support they can give you an estimate.
  4. Is using this Apex Rating Boost safe?
    1. With thousands of satisfied gamers served, and hundreds of positive reviews, we're among the most trusted Boosting services on the planet. Our Apex professionals will handle your account discreetly and with care. If you have any questions or concerns, our customer support can help you.

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